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Everything that happens in our lives is the result of our own consciousness, much of it below the level of our awareness.  The Law of Attraction teaches that we draw unto ourselves more of what we already are, vibrationally, as well as more of what we believe about the world and think about all day. For our ultimate wellbeing, then, it’s important to clear away everything that blocks our consciousness of Universal Good flowing in, as and through us.  And to find, and live gratefully  from, our SoulCenter.

By bringing in an intentional consciousness of Love and Gratitude, a return to wholeness occurs.

Wholeness – To me it implies whole and complete, fully functioning, healthy, nothing lacking, at peace with oneself and the world, One with the Universe…  What does it mean to you?

Today’s Affirmation:

“Through whole and complete love, I am returned to wholeness.”

Spiritual Practice:  Ho-oponoponoHoOponopono_Yellowstone_Zespy

Today we will use an updated version of the powerful ancient Hawaiian practice of Ho-Oponopono to eliminate some of the unconscious thoughts based on past experiences that have been causing problems in our lives.  It invites us to take responsibility for our life experience by correcting our relationship to the world around us through Love.  My friends and I have all gotten tremendous peace and healing through this practice, especially if we had specific issues in mind when we started, from relationships to healing to right employment, etc.  I hope you do too.

A Chant to help you-

This Youtube video provides a chant which really helps me in this process.  I love it and I hope you will too!  In fact, I can’t stop singing it to myself – which is GOOD.

The first minute gives you some music as a time to just breathe, relax any tension in your body – and SMILE gently – (thank you Thay), as I have taught the past 3 days  – and then the chant begins.  Use it to focus your full attention on your process.

Here’s all that you have to do

Morning, noon and evening tonight – as well as you can – listen to the brief 4 minute video. Clear your mind as I suggest, then simply take the person, situation or event you identified yesterday and apply the practice of “Ho-oponopono” to it.  You merely say to the person, situation or event you are working on –  within your heart and mind:

“I’m sorry, “Please forgive me, I Thank you, I love you.”

The idea is to get past the judgments and assumptions which have been holding you back, to a state of what I might call “open-heartedness.”


For a deeper understanding of this profound practice, watch this 10-minute interview with Dr. Hew Len.  He speaks to the issue of taking full responsibility for whatever he comes into his experience.  He asks himself, “What is going on in me that I am experiencing this?”  (for instance a violent psychotic patient on psych ward where he works).  He does Ho-Oponopono on himself, in his office,and the entire ward calms. Powerful woowoo!

Here’s something I love from Emmett Fox, whose works are available for download over the internet.


“There is no difficulty that enough love will not conquer;

No disease that enough love will not heal;

No door that enough love will not open;

No gulf that enough love will not bridge;

No wall that enough love will not throw down;

No sin that enough love will not redeem…

It makes no difference how deeply seated may be the trouble;

How hopeless the outlook;

How muddled the tangle;

How great the mistake;

A sufficient realization of love will dissolve it all…

If only you could love enough you would be the happiest and most powerful being in the world.” Dr. Emmet Fox


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“To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you.” Lewis B. Smedescandle

When we are filled with bitterness, disappointment, resentment, we are “weighed down,” burdened.  Our vibrational energy isn’t as high as it could be, we feel depressed and anxious, our work and relationships can become difficult, and even our health can be affected.  These are things we are doing to ourselves by not knowing how to forgive…or, if we know, not being willing.

Pain is inevitable in this life, but suffering is optional. Suffering comes from cradling pain to our bosom rather than releasing it into the Flow of Life. The past is gone and whatever happened, happened.  We can’t change the past, but we can change the future.

Before we begin, a word about boundaries – yours. Forgiving past hurts and deciding how close you want that person are two separate things. Just because you have forgiven someone does not mean necessarily that you must have a close relationship with them. You are the only one who can decide whether it is good for you to spend time with anyone else and you do not have to justify your decision. “No” is a complete sentence. “No thank you” is gentler, carries no malice, but it is still the same.

“Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds…” Bob Marley, Redemption Song 

Foggive_OHM_butterfly_SWPWhat does it take to forgive?

  1. Before we can forgive, we must release our grip on something or someone, realizing that grip is keeping us grounded  – when we are born to fly.
  2. We have to give up trying to control the uncontrollable…other people’s choices…
  3. We have to release our judgments about things we believe SHOULD NOT be the way they very much are.
  4. We have to release any thoughts of harm coming to the other person/people. We learn to consciously replace thoughts of retribution every time with thoughts of blessings.  This step alone can bring tremendous freedom and relief.

Affirmation (Say or write this several times morning, noon and night.)

I forgive everything and everybody of the past or present that can possibly be forgiven. All that has offended me, I forgive. They are free and I am free too.

Your Spiritual Practice:

The first two days of practice have prepared you for today.  Start your practice today by softening your heart around the grievance by softening your shoulders, relaxing your face, smiling gently.  This smile is very important; it opens your heart chakra to experience the Divine Presence, in Which you are safe.  Breathe consciously, perhaps even count your breaths, to move your focus inward. Now, take the time to notice where in your body you are holding the tension around this wound, and consciously tense and relax those muscles.

Continue relaxing and breathing and smiling until you feel your heart open and you become willing to release your grievances.

Light a candle or turn on a specific light. Imagine yourself in a beautiful, safe place, perhaps a spa or retreat center, perhaps on a beautiful island. You may bring a pet with you if you like. This is your private mystical place. Decorate it to suit your fancy.

Allow the first grievance to come to the fore and spend some time in a consciousness of forgiveness regarding this grievance

 Say or Write:   ____person____ Any way that you  have offended me, I forgive. I forgive you everything of the past or present that can possibly be forgiven.   I send you blessings of Love.   I wish you health and happiness. You are free and so am I.

Repeat this with each particular person, event or  situation against which you find yourself harboring anger, upset, resentment, etc. Send each person Blessings or angels of Love. Then blow out the candle or turn out the light and say, ”It is finished, over and done with.” Now go give yourself some healthy self-love to celebrate your freedom.

You can do this with each grievance that comes up for you during this challenge and beyond.  If you find in this process you have some self-forgiveness work to also do, since we are always party in some way to the situation, return to Day 2.

Extra: Then, journal your experience. ***If you blog it, please feel free to share and promote it in the comments under this blog.


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“To err is human, to forgive, Divine.”

Well, God (sometimes also known as D.O.G.) does not actually forgive, because God/The Universe Loves unconditionally and never judges us in the first place. Yes, Loves unconditionally – that is God’s Unchanging  Nature.  How I came to understand that after 40 years as an atheist is a long story for another day.  But if we can accept a Divine “Something” that every religion tells us is a Loving Energy, a Force for Good beyond ourselves, can we shower ourselves with Love as we let that Divine Love flow through us?

Not always.

Yesterday we started un-cluttering our lives to expand a channel for our good to flow.  Self-forgiveness further opens the channel, allowing more and more Divine Good to flow through it, and self-forgiveness supports us in living our Holy Purpose.  We silence our Voice and hide our Light under a bushel when we spend our time beating ourselves up instead of getting on with being who we were born to be.

We have all made mistakes, we have all hurt other people, sometimes even on purpose, sometimes even people we love – that’s part of the human journey.  Otherwise we would have already graduated.  These mistakes are part of our learning process as we each clear our path up the Mountain of our Life.  We judge some of our mistakes harshly – and sometimes it is very hard to live with the long-term consequences of our errors. Feeling unworthy, our self-judgment creates barriers to letting Love and Light flow through us as they are meant to do.  Or at least that’s how it works in me.  I spent way too mancfrogive_CNTS_frogonleaf_discoveryourworldy years feeling inferior, flawed and unlovable and some of that still lingers and bites me you-know-where from time to time.

Pain is inevitable in this life, but suffering is optional. Suffering comes from cradling pain to our bosom rather than releasing it into the Flow of Life. The past is gone and whatever happened, happened.  We can’t change the past, but we can change the future.

Today’s Affirmation:

“I fully and freely forgive and accept myself with love.”

Repeat this affirmation several times morning, noon and night and during your spiritual practice, below.  The spiritual practice is meant to help you believe the affirmation when you say it.

Your Spiritual Practice:

Prepare yourself to release the pain today by calling to mind that which you have not forgiven yourself for.  It could be painful, but you can do this!   If you should tear up, know that tears are Nature’s way of washing us clean.

First find a comfortable spot.  Soften your shoulders, relax your face, smile gently (thank you Thay) and take a few moments to move your focus inward as you breathe consciously. Then feel your heart chakra expand as you open it to find your Center.

Now imagine being by a beautiful stream and then spend 5-10 minutes in a consciousness of self-love as you surrender your self judgments to the Stream of Life, one by one.  Repeat your affirmation to yourself as you release each one. Ask for and accept your own forgiveness for any events, actions, inactions, words or other activities for which you have not fully and completely forgiven yourself.  Some people even write them down and then burn or flush that which they are releasing.

Say, each time, “I fully and freely forgive and accept myself with Love.”

Then give yourself some love in a healthy way.  Listen to your favorite music, or dance around the room, or get in the hot tub, or call your best friend… you get the idea.

Extra: Then, journal your experience. ***If you decide to publish your experience, please feel free to share and promote it in the comments under this blog.  

This 28 day challenge is my expanded version of the November Spiritual Challenge at the Center for New Thought Spirituality, Tucson, AZ




candleAs the days grow shorter, the annual time of spiritual rebirth approaches. In preparation, we are challenged to be willing to be “transformed by the renewing of our minds” and to enhance our spiritual practices with a 28 day spiritual challenge or discipline.   Are you in? 

Day 1

Order is the first law of the Universe, though chaos also serves a creative purpose, but we humans are a messy lot.  Speaking for myself, of course. In Western cultures we also often have more than we need of “stuff” and to-do-lists, laundry, cluttered closets and drawers.

Every single one of these things lays claim to some part of our consciousness and obstructs the Divine Flow.  When we bring order into our lives, we open a channel for Universal Good to flow through and to us,


NOTE:  On a personal level, this may be the most difficult of all the practices.  I struggle with every kind of clutter and disorganization every day.  BUT, I love having a new REASON to do what I know I must do. I accept and welcome this discipline and open myself to any resources and guidance that can help me along this path.


Say to yourself or write, “As I bring order into my life, I open the floodgates for the flow of  Universal Good, Harmony and Love.”

Affirm this to yourself 7 times, heart open as shown below, morning, noon and evening.

Your Spiritual Practice:

First, clear the clutter from your MIND, by moving your focus inward, simply breathing deeply and regularly and smiling gently. This smiling keeps your heart and mind open to an Influx of Divine Experience.   Remaining in this consciousness, repeat the affirmation to yourself as you clear out and bring order to one area in your physical space.  Possible areas for clearing are the top of your desk, a drawer, a closet or portion of a closet, a corner in your garage or your email inbox or desktop.  Then, periodically over the next 28 days, spend time bringing order to the physical spaces in your life where there is clutter and discord, remembering to affirm that you are clearing a channel for your Good to flow to you.

EXTRA: Take some time to journal your experience.

***If you choose to publish your thought as a post, please feel free to promote it in the comments below.



Based on November challenge from Center For New Thought Spirituality, Tucson, AZ – George Wrigley, Sr Minister



Whence My Supply?

Spirituality – I am having a lovely time preparing materials for the 28 day spiritual challenge that starts tomorrow.  It’s a time of growth and insight for me as I delve deep into the Channel. As I worked on a piece about forgiveness last night, I realized (again – how could I have forgotten) that whatever choices other people make or made, they cannot really hurt me – inside, where it counts. Only I can do that if I let myself believe they could be the source of my happiness or unhappiness.  They are not.  God (by many names) is my Source and my Supply.  Negativity cannot come near “my inner dwelling place,” my open heart, from outside of me.  It can only stem from my judgments about how life “should” be  and my mistaken desire to control something outside of myself.  So am releasing my resentments and fears and I send them only love and blessings.  And watching my boundaries as is my right and responsibility.

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