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disorganized-office-21I am still trying to figure out the best way to format my blog and which theme will work the best.   It is frustrating.  And SO much to learn.  Kind Karuna has just opened a new door for me – HOW to use categories to organize!!  Thank you, thank you!  Look forward to a little less chaos here.
Anyway, I will post in different formats, take screenshots, then change themes – not here, but on my test blog.  Really.  A blog I only use to experiment with format and design.  So, probably there’ll be a new theme too.

What’s your favorite free theme and why?


Blogging And The Reader

differentworldOHMBlogging is like walking down a street by yourself at night – alone in a strange but enticing world of shiny lights and dark shadows.  You walk past establishments full of people laughing and dancing, you walk past dark, shuttered homes, their world closed to you and you hear a baby crying and wonder where her mother is. You see a young couple kissing in the shadows, you notice the way the light plays among the leaves of the tree, moving gently in the breeze.  All this is content from someone else’s head that draws you momentarily partly into their world while still stuck in your own. People are laughing, dancing, singing, crying, loving, chanting, raving, venting, wondering, experimenting, meditating, arguing. You make up stories in your head about why the baby is crying, you remember being the young couple just discovering the sudden joys of such intimacy.  You are part of their world for a moment, yet as you pass by, they are already doing something entirely else.

If we are nothing else, we writers are also readers, loving the momentary transport into another’s world.

So here am I, inside my own head and fingertips (yes, sometimes those fingertips tell me so much I didn’t know I thought or felt in any ordinary waking state) and now I am inside my world and you are walking by.  If you happen to be walking by, will you hear the baby cry or notice the leaves and will it mean anything to you in your world?

One can only hope to say something that draws you in so that, for a moment, our worlds are like the center of a venn diagram…where that in me and that in you become momentarily that in us.


NEW PAGES – But How to TAG them?

Well, today I have been very busy.  With renewed commitment to Open Hearted Musings in all its forms, I have been busy expanding this site.  And I wonder, will anyone ever see my new pages since I can’t tag them to show up in the Reader?

I’m thinking to add individual PAGES to handle specialized parts of what I have to share… it seems to make more sense than another blog.  I already started Imagine Yourself Happy for my musings preparing for my book by that name.  And I started a self-hosted “Open Hearted Musings,” for eventual monetization when I figure all that out – I haven’t a clue how people do that – on which I should only post the best of what I’ve done.  And I bought the domain “Dear Annie,” because I always wanted to write an advice column but no one wants to pay me to do so, lol -YET – and I can try my hand at a little fiction there too with the asks.

Do I have ADD?  I think SO.

I have added a page here for some of my meditations, with  the way I universally prepare for all meditations, a summary of my spiritual philosophy – and it has a pulldown menu for single meditation pages (here’s one). I added a page for my spiritual “art, called Full Color Musings.”  As I look at it, it’s clear I’ll have to divide that by months or something. I have been making them for the facebook version of OpenHearted Musings and doing the artwork to amplify the spiritual message I resonate to that day is its own kind of meditation.  It keeps me grounded to be in non-word space.  I go on a virtual photography safari every morning as part of my spiritual practice.

I have a hard time pulling it all together, and so it’s hard to define my purpose is for this page, but whatever it is, it has to be to share my truth…whether it be an insight, a story, a struggle, an interest, a joy, to tell you about something new or to delve into a painful past…I am a complex being and so are you, and I want to have this be a place where it can ALL live together in peace.  But I may be dreaming.  maybe this is why people write more than one book…

Sigh.  The big problem I have with pages is that they don’t allow TAGS, so this may not turn out to be the solution after all.  How on earth does anyone find the pages?  Any suggestions?

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Everyone Lives In A Different World


As I negotiate relationships even with close family, I realize this is true, and how they experience their world – and me – is beyond my control.  We each clear our own path up the mountain of life.

I have started a separate page here to collect my colorful morning musings, but they don’t show up in the reader.  I want to save my front page for writing, but have decided to share each one first on my front page, then move them to the Quotes and Photos page, where eventually you can find the entire collection.

Note :  The original photo for this image is not mine, but I don’t know whose it is.  If it is yours, please let me know.
hugs, gerry


Freelancing – When Writing Becomes A Chore

trying to sleepAnd I have missed you.

I had a whole post done a few hours back, nicely formatted and full of good thoughts, and I failed to save it.  Was on the phone, accidentally deleted it.   grrr.

That’s the story of my past few weeks in a nutshell.  Fibroflare/pain all over, worst flare in years. Insomnia – what am I doing up at 3:30 in the morning?  Brain fog.  Flightiness.  Fatigue.  Writers block.

When I started freelancing earlier this year, I was excited to be working, I loved having  my skills affirmed with great ratings and extra cash.  But soon the deadlines and the amount of time I was spending researching, writing, editing, re-editing, cost this old lady too much.  I’ll be 73 years old in 6 more weeks and I don’t DO deadlines very well.   People expect you to be open for business 7 days a week and they have no respect for the time it takes to write a good article.  Not anyone else’s fault but mine – after all, I was recruiting clients.  And I have learned a lot over these months and 70 articles and 2 e-books.

Vacation time - but I had no time left for my own writing.  I abandoned all of my blogs and my book and when I found extra time, I found that serious writing was the last thing I wanted to do.  I could work on Facebook because I could share short ideas and  photo-art (I did share some of that with you too just so you knew I was still alive and thinking of you) and it’s a different and very relaxing skill-set.

Finally, starting a few weeks ago, I hit a wall.  A Fibro-wall.  So I have declared a vacation.  Don’t know if I’ll go back to it or just call it a step in my process.  I can do voiceovers for extra cash for a whole lot less time and effort and then go back to enjoying my writing time.   After all, until lately writing was like breathing.  Now it’s become a chore.  My God, it’s  like chocolate becoming a chore.

Triggers - I am accepting hitting this wall as a message from Spirit to take stock.  I have been building up resentment writing with excellence about things that don’t matter in terms of my life purpose or even my interests.  Other people could as easily have written those pieces – about babies teething or the newest pro camcorder –  but they can’t tell my story or share my experience, strength and hope with others.  Still, honestly, as I write this, I am aware that when I had started writing about my past, I was triggered at times – and it scared me – I think that may be why I took this side road.  I need to really think honestly about that process and how to share what I have learned in this life without being triggered.  I do want to do an easier e-book on relationships first, having now written several for other people… a full-length BOOK seems like such a high mountain to climb.

And, I missed you, but I just did not have time to read your posts and I was so disappointed.  So you can expect to see me in your comments again as I do a little catching up and I hope some of you will have conversations with me.  I don’t drive (poor vision), so most of my social contact is online.   That’s another reason I’m sure that I hit this wall.  DH is very loving and supportive but no one human being can be expected to understand or resonate with all of you and I need the communityof beautiful souls that WP offers us.

This is a process, don’t know exactly how my life proceeds from here – except back in remission from fibromyalgia; she’s a hard taskmaster and has my full attention.   Thanks for reading my message.





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One World

“Why can’t we all just get along?” Rodney King, victim of brutal police beating years back

As we watch the people of the world hate, deride, deceive, bomb, beat and enslave each other over egotistic disputes involving territory, ideology, greed and grandiosity, it is good to just remember that we are One World, each soul equal before the Divine Love enfolding us all.

“When I was a child, my father would point to pictures in an atlas — the ones that show the globe without delineating countries — and say, “See, kids: God didn’t draw lines between us.” All darkness derives from the belief that we’re separate from each other, and transcending the limitations of that thought is our salvation in every situation.” Marianne Williamson

I have been saddened recently by the headlines involving our inhumanity to one another.  Of course it is “silly season” in America (election weeks away), so it’s harder than usual for any leader to think straight, but we seem to have woven such a web of deception and injustice over the past years that it’s hard to see how we will ever right ourselves, other than through the open heart of every thinking being remembering its ultimate mission.

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” Albert Einstein

Let us join together to raise the level of consciousness of all of humanity – yes, we already are, all evidence to the contrary notwithstanding.  There is a huge and growing movement of awakened humans who spend their time working within themselves to transcend seeming separation to build peace in the world one open heart, one mindful day and one kind deed at a time.

We are each a thread in the fabric of life and we each affect the whole – and yes, we do have a choice as to how we show up.  As we find each other, let us focus on adding more threads of Light and Love to the fabric of our present day world, rather than combatting or focusing on the darker levels of consciousness bent on destruction and decay.

It’s the only thing that can save us and our planet – and besides, who would trade a loving open heart for one filled with hate and fear? Not me, and, I’ll bet, not you.  There’s too much joy to be found allowing Love, the Divine, to flow through us into the world.




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