Hello world!

Hi everyone, welcome, I am new at this, so please help me learn the ropes.  I am opening this blogsite so there would be a place I can collect my thoughts and yours, as I work within myself to build a new progressive social and thus political vision that tends more towards LOVE in the LOVE/ FEAR-HATE continuum, and does not get stuck the Left/Right continuum that seems largely to be a fight about who should own what and what rights property confers or should confer.  I don’t think that material accumulation is our essential path to happiness, although I am certainly very conscious of the power to influence public sentiment that comes with wealth.  A gazillionaire with a closed heart is not happier than I am, guaranteed.

As I have been responding on other peoples’ blogs, I find a more coherent trend of thought developing in  me, and I’d like to collect those thoughts, and your own insights, somewhere and see where it leads…

6 thoughts on “Hello world!

    • Oh, thanks, TiMT. I am still trying to figure out how this thing works. Spending more time on that when I was home earlier than on content. Right now am trying to figure how to add tags.


      • To add tags, when you create a post, you’ll see a couple of boxes over to the right. One is “Categories,” where you can create your own categories, the other is “Post Tag” where you can create new tags, or use the ones you use often. You can also do it from the “Dashboard” under the “Posts” section.


  1. Thanks, Norbrook.

    I am leaving until tonight. It seems I need to approve each comment before it posts. Fine today, hopefully way too time-consuming in the future.

    But as I post the comment, I can’t tags are greyed out. And when I looked on the dashboard, I found categories and tags, but not how to apply them.

    I knew there was a reason I hadn’t started one of these blasted things before, but I am motivated to share my thoughts.


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