Peace Is Much More Profitable

According to the Washington Post, Vice President Joe Biden said on MTP yesterday that “We’ll be out of Afghanistan by 2014 ‘come hell or high water’”, and that the troop drawdowns in 2011 will be much more than token. This is music to my ears.
My former boss, Dr. Dennis Embry, used to say we’ll never have peace until peace is more profitable than war. There was a 1999 song, “Profit in Peace” by UK’s Ocean Colour Scene, that ended “but there is profit in the love of hate, so we must fight some more.” I don’t know how to embed it, but here is a link to their music video.
Sadly, rich men love wars and their weapons of war so they can get richer, and rich men call the shots in Washington DC and around the world. I never thought it was wise to go into Afghanistan, as it would only play into the hands of spoiled, rich al-Qaida gang leaders who were misfits in their own country and wanted to feel powerful.
I would have rather we analyzed the grievances ordinary people in the Middle East had towards us, focused on forging a just peace between Israel and Palestine, and instituted some kind of modified Marshall Plan to shore up economies where uneducated youth with few prospects for a bright future would be readily attracted to radical causes.
God knows we here understand how appealing “angering” is in times of stress, how promoting fear enhances the power of such angering, and how any group that actively angers seems to be able to grab the illusion power and attract sheeple. Think “Tea Party.” Think “frustrati.”
One of the reasons I was attracted to Barack Obama as a candidate, and still strongly support him today, is that he seemed to understand the political process was a kind of gang warfare… and determined to change that. Millions of people caught a glimpse of that vision, and still strongly support him. Fairness is a deep-seated American value, and the Party who plays dirty will not ultimately win, I am convinced of it.
Too many Democrats could not see through a media-supported game and joined the swiftboat fight against a “the other,” Barack Obama. “Attacking their strength” in this case was to tear down the Obama vision in the eyes of liberals, and make it seem silly and childish at best, or a lie at worst.
Some of us are tired of being pawns, (pie)fighting each other just to line other peoples’ pockets in an eternal shell game where we the people can only lose.
The trick is not to follow this week’s pea or to cry foul at the illusions of the shell. The trick is to institute a new game and invite folks over to play.
The game I want to play is to envision and foster a just, prosperous and well-educated country, ingeniously creative, sustainably productive, at peace with the world, because ultimately, peace is much more profitable to the people.
What’s your vision?


2 thoughts on “Peace Is Much More Profitable

  1. Beautiful!

    My vision is to see an end to bigotry and racism. I wish open, honest, and respectful dialogue about our prejudices (and, oh yes, we all have prejudice). I want us to listen to each other with compassion and the understanding that each has unique life experiences that may be very different from our own. We must learn to celebrate our differences rather than deny, denigrate, or minimize them.

    Nelson Mandela spoke of this, it is “Ubuntu” an African concept that, what hurts you, hurts me, hurts everyone and this earth we share. I am thinking that this is the same as our “Do unto others as you would wish done to you.”

    This is my ideal and what I work for in my life and in politics.

    PS: I wrote you a follow up comment in your previous diary.


  2. thanks aquagranny. I have learned that the “Golden Rule” you mention above is central, in one form or another, to all of the world’s religions. Isn’t it interesting that over the many ages and cultures of the earth, this basic tenet is understood by everyone who ponders “Ultimate Truth?”


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