Pledge Allegiance to…

Got this quote from the Coffee Party this morning, and was musing that…if we kept that quote in mind, we might focus more of our efforts to sincerely convincing other voters to share our views, and less to self-righteously blaming our elected officials for doing what the people who elected them want.

“Let us never forget that govt is ourselves and not an alien power over us. The ultimate rulers of our democracy are not a President and senators and congressmen and govt officials, but the voters of this country.” – FDR

As a progressive Democrat who deeply loves America, I am naturally more than a little bit alarmed at the incoming Freshman class in the Congress, who seem to pledge allegiance to a different America than I do, a dog eat dog society where everyone has to look out for themselves and grab the most they can no matter who gets hurt, instead of a supportive and caring society with fairness, neighborliness, and investment in the future as core values.
My real “beef,” if I have one, has to be that so many people were so easily misled to give up their kids’ rights to a safe and prosperous future by big money – which only cared about fighting policy and regulations that might benefit taxpayers – by making them think they were being cheated out of their “hard-earned dollars.”
“One Nation,” “under God,” with “liberty” and “justice” for “all.”
I suspect that we understand each of these concepts differently, I will be thinking about it at odd moments over the holiday weekend, and I will be interested what you think about each concept.
Meanwhile may the Peace, Love, and Joy of Christmas be yours today and always.


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