New spiritual musings page

Our beliefs about Ultimate Reality undeniably shape our beliefs and actions in the social and political square.

Last evening I was participating on one of my most favorite blogs that of Blackwaterdog and during the discussion there was a suggestion for a thread to discuss how faith informs our political viewpoints and actions. Since I have always intended that there be a spiritual page here, today’s a good day to start. So there is a new “page” here.

I am a spiritual eclectic, a mystical generalist who believes all paths ultimately lead a sincere seeker to the same God, and I have tried to lay out some of that on the new page. Just click the page tab above “Spiritual Musings…affecting everything.”

I invite, am looking forward to, your contributions about your faith, and how it shapes your life and what you believe should happen socially and politically.

Every response, no matter whether it is today or next year, will reach me through my email, and I will make every effort to respond..


Thanks for visiting.and...What say you?

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