I haven’t forgotten you, OHM

But this week in Tucson, since the Safeway shooting, has been very busy and quite surreal. Beyond that, I was invited to be an author at BPI Campus, and I have worked hard to get a three piece series done about Tucson, obviously of more interest to the world right now than usually.

The first was published over there tonight, called “MY TUCSON” ; next comes a piece on the AZ Ban on Ethnic Studies, focused in part on I-culture vs We-culture, and finally, how Tucson is healing, together.

BPI Campus is an interesting place. It sort of creeps up on you.  As you go behind the banter you notice first, you find some very smart, well-informed people who want to move past the argument to come to a deeper understanding of the social and political world.   In a researched, fact-based way, and Unabashedly Progressive, in an open-hearted way that suits me.  Posts are scheduled in advance, for particular times through the day.  I also appreciate that when they invited me to be an author for their new Evening Feature, they told me (and anyone who would write for them) that my piece would be EDITED before it was published.  Classy.  Come poke around…

As I am writing, I am watching Oprah’s interview with Piers Morgan and loving it … and am a little distracted from writing as she speaks about evolving people, to “opening the heart-space” to love better.  When Piers asked her in what ways she was disappointed in the President, she said , “in no way,” says she understands his larger vision.

So, feel free to go over to BPI Campus and comment. If you are signed in here, hopefully you will still be signed on over there, since they also use WordPress.

A piece that is wanting to be written, here…how does the concept of “freedom” ring differently in the ears of  the conservative right and the ears of freedom fighters for civil rights of all kinds?  Is “freedom” another word that is being highjacked from our movement?


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