Good Morning, World…coming up for air

Wondering why I’ve been tired…and why the house is not clean….and why i haven’t written anything for weeks…

Then realized in the past several months, I rehearsed with and participated in La Tucson Pastorela, had an auto accident (not hurt) and all the time-consuming details of researching/finding a new (to us) car, joyfully celebrated my 69th birthday with lotsa friends, conducted a marvelous wedding for close friends, experienced  the Tucson Safeway Shooting shock and attendant vigils and re-connections, enjoyed the President’s visit, researched and wrote three lengthy articles about Tucson, took a weeklong trip to Denver for my son’s band’s concert with the Denver Philharmonic (very exciting to a proud mama) and an extended family reunion, came home to a big gig (tdh is a talented entertainer and I love singing with him), and then Tucson went into unaccustomed deep freeze and I cocooned.  The fish are fine.

And here I thought we were just sitting home doing nothing….

Today we are hoping the insurance company check will arrive and we can pick up our new 2006 Toyota Scion XA; I have a voice lesson, we have a rehearsal for an acapella group we are joining, a karaoke tonight so tdh can audition a new gig, and need to work on plane tickets for a 10 day trip for my niece’s wedding next month, another a medical trip to Los Angeles for scans, and then one for my grandson’s US Army boot-camp graduation…

Just sayin’.  All that said,  I read a wonderful interview with author Dr. Mary Pipher  this morning on Op-Ed News I recommend to everyone who writes…“Writing to Change the World”.

In all my writing, I argue that society only works when we seek and teach others to seek I-Thou relationships with all living beings. I also think that, when we relate to the world as a Thou, we live much more interesting, challenging and love-filled lives. I believe that the essence of improving society is changing I-it relationships to I-Thou ones. An ideal society includes all living beings in its circle of caring.

She advocates the use of story to open hearts and advocate social change, inspires us to find our own authentic voice to connect with others by asking “What can I alone write?”

Musing on all that, I send huggs to all who wander over.

3 thoughts on “Good Morning, World…coming up for air

  1. Goody, my link worked. The full documentary will be shown at the Phoenix Film Festival in April. The trailer is very interesting and I’m looking forward to seeing what these kiddos do with their 40 hours of filming.

    There’s an article about them in more detail at

    I’ve been a bit under the weather, myself but I’m mending now and trying to catch up with my diary reading. Now, I’m off to read your Tucson diary.


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