Prayer for Tucson Protest 3/4/11

We come together today to raise our voices against unfair and unjust laws being passed right now by our state government.

But first we must stop to move within our hearts to call on the Divine Presence Within, the All in All, and, each in our own tradition, Holy Spirit, we ask your blessing.

Father, we are confronted with injustice right now, and oppression.  At the center of our fight stands the principle of love for all of your people, for we are all your children. We work for the day when each woman and each man is free to live and work and love in dignity and in peace.  We work for a day when we each will not be judged by anything other than the love and joy and wisdom in our hearts, shared with our community through our work and the way we help others.

We are being attacked in so much that we care deeply about, and we ask that the anger in our hearts not turn to hatred for those who hate and oppress us, for you have taught us to love one another, but we ask also for the strength and stamina to fight back.

Holy Mother, our children are attacked and they need your protection. Some are denied their full citizenship.  Others are denied their right to education and health care.  Others are losing the love and protection of a parent being deported.  Holy Mother, our children are afraid.  And so we pray for your protection of all our children, that they grow strong and prepared and wise and good.

Grandfather, we need your strength and guidance to stand up to injustice wisely and effectively and peacefully and without giving in to bitterness and despair. We know we build a movement by reaching out beyond our own friends, uniting in common cause and helping each other.  Help us then, Grandfather, to see how many other people are also under attack and help us to talk to each other and to help each other in a good way and to build a united and strong movement, in solidarity, and in ever increasing numbers.

We know in the end we will prevail, because our cause is just, but we are impatient.  We need energy and stamina to rise up and resist injustice, we need powerful voices to speak out and reach the peoples hearts in a good way to show them this oppression is wrong and to ask them to join with us.

Holy Spirit, please calm our hearts and clear our minds; teach us to sing while our hands are busy and our feet march on and on and on.  In your Name, the Name we each whisper privately to you in our different traditions, in this Name we pray.   AMEN


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