“Creativity is needed now more than ever. We need to think creatively if we are going to solve the challenges the world faces today.”

Everywhere we find models for other ways of experiencing the world, and by opening ourselves to the unusual, we might break our habits of thinking and find new and creative solutions to the large issues of our times.   Cultural anthropologist Dr. Jean Houston, who has traveled the world studying human tells us, “How Africans walk and think and celebrate spirit, how the Chinese teach and study and paint, how Inuit people experience vivid three dimensional inner imagery, how the Balinese learn to perform any manner of artistic endeavor so rapidly and with such high craft, how a tribe along the Amazon raises happy and non-neurotic children, why certain children in India raised amidst traditional music develop extraordinary skill in mathematics–these are … no longer limited to place and culture. (Now), all these potentials once nurtured in separate societies are now available to the entire family of humankind!”  Jean Houston

“In every work of genius, we recognize our once rejected thoughts.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

“The world is but a canvas to the imagination.” — Henry David Thoreau


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