The Joy of Living: A Quote From Ernest Holmes

I have spent a lot of time recently in spiritual study in order to be more fully available to spiritual service. This study has expanded gradually, and as the joy of my morning explorations bubbles naturally over into a need to share my joy with others, I find, once again, I must write.

The Joy of Living

“Only as we give the best we have to every passing experience can we hope to enter into the joy of living. Can anyone enjoy a game unless he enters into the spirit of that game? Every act of life should be a magical rite, filled with wonder; every coming event should arouse pleasurable anticipation. Whatever we do, the whole of us should be engaged in doing it. There are no half measures to living. Life itself has no adversary; It has no limitation. Consequently It speaks a straight affirmative language only.”

Ernest Holmes, The Art of Life (Kindle Locations 464)

Musing this morning about these studies, I realize, I have read no books. My library has become almost obsolete. I can draw upon the wisdom of so many others through the ages and right today, jumping into a giant communication network of almost primordial e-chaos.
I find I am drawn to the information which is presented with the most color and the briefest number of words. So, I have facebook pages with pictures and a small number of words. But I am a writer – and I love words. Oh my, what is a person to do? There is a tension it seems between expression and communication. Just musing.


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