So, this writer thing….

So, this writer thing….

I went about signing up for Textbroker a few months back, thinking I might make a few extra dollars writing; after all, I had earned my living as a writer for seven or eight years before I retired.   But, after that, I couldn’t write.   I had edited some things I had previously published to send for samples, but they wanted fresh copy.  All of the sudden I wasn’t writing because I wanted to express myself, and I wasn’t writing to  uplift any one or promote a cause I was passionate about; I needed to invent “copy.”

So I stopped writing at all.  Got stuck.  I hope I will just go back to writing what I feel like – after all, this is a personal blog.   Then maybe, if a piece pleases me particularly, I just won’t hit “publish” and consider editing it for a sample.  Who knows.  Maybe not.  I don’t know if I have the self discipline to carry off working again.

So, recently, my ministry has been re-energized, and I am providing content for several  facebook pages for two spiritual communities I am associated with.  Some original, mostly not.  And I have rekindled my interest in the Seasons for Peace and Nonviolence, planning events, reaching out to people, etc.  And putting quotes with graphics to post on the Seasons facebook page, as a kind of light artistic exercise.  A meditation actually, is what those early morning facebook hours are.

So it isn’t that I have been idle, or not communicating, but I am just not writing as I used to.  I used to blog regularly on daily kos and other blogs, but the atmosphere on the blogosphere became so tocxic, I lost interest.

Who knows?  It’s late and tomorrow is another day.  I just had to write SOMETHING… as a discipline.  Goodnight, my friends.


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