Something New in 2014

In the tradition of bold new years resolutions and postponed writing, I have a new endeavor.  I am actually going to write healing meditations for people for $5.  Sounds strange to my ears, and I am a little antsy about it but… I got a letter on Christmas Eve telling me about a sizable cut to my pension, so I began casting about for fun ways to replace that income. At 72, I probably won’t find a “job.”   But I love empowering people so am excited to begin something new.

A friend got me to thinking this was just the “nudge” I had been needing to get back to writing…only this time in small pieces, and for cash. She suggested my wisdom and “goddess qualities”may be of benefit to someone, and I do think that’s still true.  Some time ago I started investigating freelance writing opportunities, and yesterday came upon this little website, , where people post offers of something they will do for someone for $5.  So, here are my first and second offers.

write you a personal healing meditation

write a 500 word article on stress

I do hope people will want more than one meditation and affirmation or mantra once they have worked with the first one.  I envision them telling me their “story” and what they want to change so the piece can be very personal.

And the second was actually targeted to someone who wanted an article on stress, but as a therapist for 30 years, i can write volumes on managing stress and healing spiritual and emotional pain.

So, wish me luck please.  If you check it out, I would love feedback as to how it strikes you.

And I would be most pleased if you wanted to give it a try and write a review – that’s how I will get more clients.

Thanks for visiting.and...What say you?

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