SHOO writer’s block!

Yesterday I had my first “client” on fiverrs.  She exchanged projects with me; I bought hers and she bought mine, so that we would both have at least one good review.

It was fun.  Not the four dollars net that I received, but having an avenue to express myself in a new way and send Love and Light.  I wrote a simple guided meditation I am proud of, that addressed a particular issue the person was dreaming about.  Of course, as always happens when I take a spiritual assignment, just writing it , experiencing the meditation myself, put me in highest consciousness for about 2 hours.

The biggest challenge I face is then coming back into daily reality without feeling stressed by interruptions or ringing telephones.  I seem to need a time to come down off that spiritual high Good to know that about myself.

Last night I went back on the site and put up an additional “gig.”  I offered to write a 300 word article on anything for $5.  I am hoping if I get requests for this assignment that it will spur me to write, and get past a writers block I seem to have had for some time now.

I have several books in me that long to see the light of day.  Maybe they will start as a series of articles.  Who knows.  I do know that publishing is much easier than it once was.

The first and most important is about major depression. Not the blues or grief.  Black hole depression.   About the experience of depression from the inside – people don’t know, they can’t imagine,  unless they have been there.  And it’s about healing from depression and moving on to a fulfilling life.  During this process, I intend to re-write my personal”story.”  Not the events, but my interpretation of them, and the joy I was missing in seeing things the way I did.

Another important book is about children with PTSD.  What life is like for them, as best I can tell from raising a few, and for the people who  live with them.  What seems to help, what doesn’t.

Of course, I have a book about my spiritual journey over the past 30 years, from atheism to ministry, and the deepest spiritual truths which support my being.

I find I want to write these books, because they might help someone else, but that each one seems so overwhelming, I never get started.  Daily life interferes.  Procrastination reigns supreme.

So, I’ll have to think about how to start.  Well, maybe writing this post IS a start.

Thanks for visiting.and...What say you?

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