Mid-January Musings or Can a Freelance Writer Earn any Cash?

Gotta love Arizona.  It gets cold sometimes, we have hard freezes most years and even had snow on Easter one year, but this winter has been positively balmy so far.  Highs have been in the high sixties-low seventies, while the rest of the country has been in “polar vortex” deep freeze.  We pay our dues in the summer, but truly, summers in Detroit were much worse.  I love Tucson specifically, and Sedona, as Arizona’s spiritual and artistic meccas.

As to writing, I have been very busy and productive the past two weeks, but only $34 richer.  I need to supplement my pension by at least $300/month. I find that writing doesn’t pay what it is used to, or I just haven’t figured out the secret.  At one dollar per hundred words I would have to write 30,000 words a month and that’s just crazy.  I used to write for $20/hour plus benefits.  I know people support themselves fully by writing, I am hoping the answer is near.

I approached textbroker a few months back and got discouraged when they wanted samples of my writing, then told me the pieces I sent them didn’t pass Copyscape.  Well, “duh,” I had published them either here on my own blog or over at Open Salon, or as revgerry on my favorite political blogs BPI Campus, and  daily kos.  Or they would be work I did while I was still working for PAXIS Institute, which I can’t really claim because I was paid to write it.  Oh, and it was published by PAXIS.

So, I made $34 on fiverr writing a couple of personal meditations for people and helping a great trainer re-write his website content.  fiverr is a great site. People with all kinds of skills propose creative projects they are willing to do for $5.  I went there because I could propose projects that interested me and were true to my calling as a minister, therapist and peace advocate. I know that people can make some better money there after they have established themselves, so that is what I am doing now.

I am a writer, and someone suggested to me that I have a more professionally-oriented blog to refer potential customers to.  I do admit this blog really is just as the title suggests, me, musing about life.  I think better with my fingers.  I don’t know, with all the writing-oriented things I already do, whether that would be a good solution.

Today I went to WordPress just for ideas.  I looked up “yoko,” the theme of this blog ,and just want to give myself this reminder with the link about what it can do.  I like it.

I also enjoyed the “making a splash”  stories for January.  It’s really good to k now there are people who are succeeding at blogging, beyond their own personal musings.  Following the links, I looked at the most popular topics.  One was “life.”  I like it, yes, think I will add it.  Another was “politics,” and since this is 2014, I imagine I will be writing about politics, and “Pragmatic Progressive” is too specific.  I should probably add “peace” for the same reason.

I manage a number of spiritually-oriented facebook pages  for different organizations, as I find it adds beauty and perspective to my day to start it with spiritual practice. But, I have started a new one, not my regular family/friend/issue newsfeed,  one I had not previously advertised, by the same name as this blog, Open Hearted Musings.  In  it I collect spiritual quotes and ideas I find truly compelling, and it is also where I hold all the spiritual content I have personally created to share.

Now, having catalogued for myself what I have been up to, other than singing gigs and growing vegetables, I just set my intention that all this twidding around will result in a focus that brings in that extra cash.  I am told that God always pays her bills….

Have a great Thursday!!

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