Seasons for Peace and Nonviolence, Re-New

My SNV posts have been few and far between in recent months.  Blame it on my age (old) and my energy level (low).  And on how I use my blog.  or don’t.  I have recently decided to become more conscious about blogging, since I have decided I need to earn some extra money a a freelancer, but that actually made it worse.  Now I am pretty busy trying to learn new stuff, and I have become confused about “who” I am supposed to be.

So, I must mention that the 17th Season for Nonviolence begins on January 30, and I am using this time to try to define my role in the world.   Not so big as,”What is My Purpose,” but still, I found myself imagining how I would earn money, and was sidetracked into imagining writing copy to advertise someone’s BBQ’s.  It was a beneficial conversation, however, since she asked if I would please write about how I had overcome severe clinical depression and become happy and fulfilled in my old age.

I thought about how often I had decided and undecided to tell that story, hoping someone else would benefit.  I hadn’t actually put it together with making money, since my pension was adequate, but more about consulting with people about how to increase the days  and hours of joy in their own lives.  But I can accept that money is a good thing too.

You might ask what on earth this has to do with Nonviolence, and I will tell you that you cannot truly be at peace with – or in – the world until you have found your spiritual core and made the decision to live from that place.  My life as a peace warrior, with less than peaceful anger at the injustices that cause unrest, did nothing to actually create more peace in the world.   That was hard to accept, and after I had made that discovery and changed my objectives, it was hard for the people I had demonstrated with, and strategized political change with, and I to communicate.

Gandhi said, “We must be the peace we wish to see in the world.”  I believe this is finally the only way true change will ever truly take place, because peace can only occur when people stop fighting.  I take myself out of the fight.  One less fighter in this crazy and beautiful world.

There is a movement which has been building for years, of people around the world who want to usher in a new global consciousness, a compassionate, positive, joyful, spiritually-based and “deep-down nonviolent” way of approaching life.  I see signs all around me of an acceleration of this movement, as I read copious beautiful  pieces over the internet, and as people band loosely together in “networks.”  This is loosely what I mean by spiritual activism.

In the early days of AGNT, (the organization with birthed these “Seasons for Peace and Nonviolence”) we met every year for spirited conferences and learned a lot from one another.  In recent years, there have been no more conferences, and it is more difficult to feel connected to THIS group, but at the same time, I see the deeper movement blossoming everywhere I look.

So, this year, SNV is on Re-New for me.  Re-imagine perhaps. ReFresh for sure.  What does it mean to be a spiritual activist?? At the same time, I should mention that we are studying Nelson Mandela’s life and legacy.

Stay tuned if that interests you, and please chime into a conversation.  I will find out along with you, because it seems I only know what I really think when my fingers are moving…

Thanks for visiting.and...What say you?

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