COURAGE – Season for Nonviolence, Day 1.

My Posts are Too Long. I wonder if it is the way the words on paper are presented in this theme?  When I open the blog, I see masses of words spread across the page  and even I don’t want to read them.

We have started the Season for Nonviolence (January 30-April 4th each year), and each day people in New thought communities around the world are are celebrating a unique aspect or practice that increases peace on the planet.  So, this gives me the opportunity to break up the words with some photos.  I hope you enjoy our journey this season.

Day One was COURAGE.


Did you know that Gandhi was afraid of everything as a child, often crying himself to sleep out of fear?  Did you know when he was a young lawyer he was too timid  to argue his case in a courtroom?  And yet, later in life he was a profile in courage, leading a mass movement that brought freedom to India from colonial powers.  Courage is not a lack of fear I think, but a doing of what is right, regardless of fear.


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