January 2014 is almost gone, oh my! No, OMG, It’s late February…

Most of you are probably younger than I am(72).  Did you know that time flies faster the older you get? I remember reading “1984,” and thinking it was FOREVER away.  Then there was the oh, so futuristic “2001 Space Odyssey.”  My kids were small, it was the early eighties, and I couldn’t even imagine what 20 more years would bring.

Fast forward to 2014, 30-some years past that date, and I miss those innocent times so much.  As they were going by, I was too caught up in what had to happen every day to truly enjoy them. So I savor them now, in the way of older folk, I guess.  The kids and I shared a small house in Salem, Oregon, built in the 1920’s.  It had a huge yard  and street parking. They walked to a beautiful school adjacent to a park.  It was a beautiful little haven of safety and warmth for us, having come from some rather traumatic times before we got there.

Just reflecting on the passage of time.  Remember the frenzy of Y2k and how everything was going to shut down?  It seems like yesterday, not 14 years ago.

When I was young, I couldn’t wait to be  my next age.  “I am 7 and a half,” I would proudly say.  “I am almost 16.”   “I’ll be 21 in 3 months.”  And I counted the days.

Then for years, I was “in my thirties, or forties,” etc.

Now, it’s similar again, being older.  Now again, I am proud of each year.  “I was 72 in December.”  “I will be 73 on my next birthday.”   But now, I don’t count every day, it just goes by so fast I can barely count the months.  It can NOT be February 25th.  Where did January go, anyway?


2 thoughts on “January 2014 is almost gone, oh my! No, OMG, It’s late February…

  1. OHHHHH~ I just LOVED this!!! Please, if you will, write about the time’s when you were a child, how different was it then as compared to now for children (ie: social media, bullying etc)….this was a wonderful, wonderful post. It made me pause and think about the ‘i’m in my 30’s now)…and need to savour each day 🙂


  2. I remember Y2K–it was the first year we let our kids stay up that late. I also remember the brick-style cell phone (actually called mobile phone). I remember our first color television. We lived across from a park with a recreation supervisor who would find activities for us to do all day. That was yesterday, wasn’t it?


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