There is a WP blogger who calls himself The Happy Blogger who has starting issuing challenges each Sunday to write a post called “Happy Post” and ping it back.

Now, it is brand-new, and I don’t know how many bloggers are actually taking up his challenge, but I wanted to take a moment to support his idea and suggest that sometime this week you write a post entitled “Happy Post” too.  Why would I do that when I just found his blog this morning, you might ask.
I found this public domain photo to share with you this morning – how can you keep from smiling??  Just a little?

Image public domain photo

Intro:  I have noticed in myself a tendency towards the greyer and listless since starting to write and read, and remember, about deep depression and my recovery from it.  I am thinking to myself that I may have been mildly triggered by going into the past – not into a depressive episode, but still, lacking the vibrancy of “happy and grateful” that I’ve grown used to and prefer.  I notice, not for the first time but worth noting, that when you are at a lower vibrational frequency as I seem to be now, even if you know what to do to bring the vibration up, that’s exactly what you don’t FEEL LIKE doing.  Go for a walk?  Too cold.  Sing some music?  My throat hurts.  Dance to some music?  My back hurts.  etc.

So, without taking one ounce of gravitas from my former deep depression, and in no way to suggest this as a cure for it, I think it may be time to post some “feel good” posts, so as to raise my vibrational energy.  I do that on my personal facebook page, and try to stay away from the politics and outrage that abounds on social media, but here I write actual longer posts, so I will try hand at one of these.

Happy Post

His it changes every Sunday and this week,  it is to share:      (See “rules” on The Happy Blogger)

” moments in our life when we feel rejuvenated, moments which define our lives, moments which bring immense happiness into our lives.”

For a person with longtime depression, this is a very helpful exercise.  First, for us, it is hard.  We don’t remember that many of those.  When asked in workshops and such to recall the happiest moments of my life, I typically draw a blank.  Even now.  Not that we may not have had them, but we don’t recall them.  Or we recall instead all the negative things that took away from our happiness. Well, that’s what I did.

I am an introvert.  This means that while I truly enjoy being with people, especially if there is music involved, I need time alone to recharge my battery.  So I have to say that the 3 or 4 hours I have in the morning, reading and sharing spiritually, are the times when I consciously experience the most joy.  I have found an entire world of people who share amazing art and photography and words and quotes for the sole purpose (was going to write soul purpose, that works too) of inspiring and uplifting the hundreds of thousands fans they all have.  I think of myself in those hours as being part of a world-wide movement towards  love and joy and enlightenment, and I know that we are changing the world.  I think perhaps it is so powerful now because so many of us, introverts that is, who tend toward the mystical and reflective, have never before had the means to network and regularly support each other’s spiritual growth.

My favorite morning meditation, just focused breathing and smiling, I got from Thich Nhat Hanh. (I recommend this entire piece.)

Breathing in, I calm body and mind.
Breathing out, I smile.
Dwelling in the present moment
I know this is the only moment.

If you go to my facebook fanpage linked with this blog, Open Hearted Musings,  and you look at the list of pages I “like,” and then follow the links on their pages to the pages they “like,” and then follow the links on their pages and so on, you will find a universe of beauty and inspiration to lift your spirits.  Well, it works for me anyway.  I just recently let the page go public; until now it has been a place for me to collect jolts of personal inspiration.  If you are following me here, and you are on facebook, I would love it if you followed me there as well.

The Result : Even the idea of posting a”happy post” has raised my energy.  Sharing the smiling meditation leaves me with a smile on my face.  Re-reading the Thich Nhat Hanh essay brings me back to high consciousness. Writing this brief post refocuses me on the purpose of my work, which is to keep me happy and bring others along on the journey to joy, as I share my experience, strength and hope.

Oh, and look,  I seem to have some energy now to do some of the other things I know to do.

I wish you sunshine, warm fresh breezes, and wide-open eyes to truly see new flowers.

2 thoughts on “#HAPPY POST

  1. Hi, thanks for writing such a wonderful post. I feel it’s all in our mind and how we feel. If we feel happy and lively, we live a happy life. We should try to surround our self with as much happiness as we can so that it also fills our heart and our life with happiness. Thanks for being a part of this challenge and spreading the word 🙂 😀


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