New facebook Support Group

From my new blog, Imagine Yourself Happy


I have just opened a new facebook page, yes, I named it “Imagine Yourself Happy,” and I am hoping to establish a supportive community for people who are overcoming deep depression or another mood disorder.

Of course, no facebook page or blog can substitute for professional help if that is what is needed.  But your therapist is only available at appointment times, and by the time you get there, you may not even recall what you really need to discuss, sometimes on purpose.  Well, that happened to me, anyway.

The Internet is awesome, and it allows us to find others like ourselves just by following a tag.  You have to understand, at 72, most of my life has been lived without this miracle.  It takes a long time to write a book, and at 72, I also don’t want to wait until then to provide what help I can.


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