On Overcoming Panic Attacks: What You Resist Persists. Welcome It And It Dissipates

Good morning, all

Panic_publicDomainUnfortunately, many of us who suffer from depression have an accompanying panic disorder.  Actually, I wan’t that aware of mine until I began to come out of the fog.  It may be part of what the fog wanted to hide, because panic attacks are no fun whatsoever.

This morning as I was doing some research, I ran across a great article on overcoming panic on The Change Blog which reinforces what I was trying to say yesterday.  He explains it  MUCH more clearly.  It’s called, “Understanding the Paradox of Panic in order to Overcome it.”

 In “New Thought” or “Law of Attraction” lingo, the principle he is illustrating is called,

 “What you resist persists.”

He goes through a number of examples that build to his strategy.  The first involved a chance discovery after he had forgotten his jacket one day.  When he stopped focusing on how cold it was and trying to “keep warm,” and offered no resistance to the cold but just let it be, he found it was MUCH more bearable.

Here’s the secret:

When, after a few other similar experiences, he applied the same strategy to his panic, it no longer controlled him.

“Instead of wishing my anxiety wasn’t there, I let it be there.  Instead of pushing my anxiety away through a variety of distraction strategies, I welcomed it as I would a long lost friend.

And wouldn’t you know it, anxiety didn’t control me anymore.

It wasn’t until I looked back on the way I met my anxiety, did I see that I was giving energy to the very thing I so desperately wanted to be free from.”

I recommend the entire article.  It was an excellent reminder for me that the same principle applies across many experiences.  Now to just remember it when uncomfortable feelings once again threaten my happiness.

I wish you sunshine, soft warm breezes, and hummingbirds sipping nectar nearby .

PS Here’s a link to a great article on Panic Disorder.


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