Blessing Oneself

Blessing Oneself –  I read a quick post just now over on Writing into the Light, and after years of spiritual practice, found something new I had not previously considered.   The idea is to Bless ourselves with happiness, health, peace and freedom from suffering, and then move the blessing  out into the world.”

Divine Light

Photo from New World, facebook

In my practice I often call up and experience the Sacred Love and Light that exists within us and flows through us all.  In meditation, I can feel it expanding my heart as I  send energy out through me into the world.  This does bless me too, of course.  I have used  that sacred energy in healing my body.  But I had never thought to just bless myself.  It fits totally into the practice of self-love by which we take an active role in our own healing.

So, I tried the new practice, just for fun.

I started with my simple Thich Nhat Hanh-inspired basic meditation, which I can do anywhere, even in the midst of turmoil, traffic or toddlers:  “As I take in a breath, I relax my body.  As I release the breath, I smile.”  I do this 10 or 20 times, or as long as it takes to have my attention completely focused in the Now moment.

Then I said “Gerry. I bless you with happiness.”   I focused on that for a while as almost a mantra before moving on.  I could feel my body relax even more, and my smile broaden, without any attention my part. Then, I said,  “Gerry. I bless you with  vibrant good health.” I could feel a tingling through my arms and legs as the energy moved from my core to my extremities.  “Gerry.  I bless you with peace.”   This one I experienced in my heart chakra and in the total relaxation of my body.   “Gerry.  I bless you with freedom from suffering.”  The last one was the most powerful, since I now believe the Buddhist teaching that…

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional

 I feel light and empowered I am most grateful to Writing Into the Light for this morning’s insights.

May you be happy.  May you be healthy. May you be at peace.  May you be free from suffering.

Who is this “I” that blesses me today?


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