Let’s Talk About Fear

A post this morning on my mood-disorder blog


The prompt to write this piece was from a facebook post which said,

“Everything you ever wanted is on the other side of fear.”


It took me aback for a minute, and then got me to thinking abut my experiences.  Everything?

When you have a mood disorder, in simple terms, the complex areas of the brain that help regulate mood are malfunctioning and that, and the chemicals which flood your body, make it impossible to see the world aright. Your judgment becomes impaired because the information you are using to make decisions  is distorted when some parts of your brain become impaired and others become overactive.  You feel uncomfortable, to say the very least, and you have trouble focusing on reality.  And your survival brain is busy looking for the culprit to explain this tsunami of truly uncomfortable feelings.

With depression, every negative thing looks bigger and darker, more important, more likely…

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