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Affirmation,  from the Latin affirmare, means to “to make steady, to strengthen.”

What ARE you thinking? What ARE you thinking?

Many times every day we affirm things to ourselves we believe to be true, and like water dripping on a rock, over time they make a huge impression on our consciousness and the quality of our lives.  They are very, very powerful.

Sometimes we affirm things that are uplifting like,”It’s a beautiful day today, I am full of energy and ready to go.” Or… “I am SO blessed!”  Sometimes we affirm things that are downers. “Is it really Monday AGAIN? I can’t stand it.” Or “I always get the short end of the stick.”  Your day will be different, guaranteed, depending on what you believe.

Positive affirmations are my way of talking myself into a different frame of mind.  About myself.  About my capabilities.  About my future.  About the rules of life.  About…

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