Gluten Intolerances And Fibromyalgia

I have had fibromyalgia for 15 years, and only when I adopted a gluten-free plant-based diet did my symptoms recede into usual remission.  Oh, I still have flares, but the worst flare is nothing like how it used to be every single day. I had became almost a cripple, I used a wheelchair and a scooter, and I was in severe pain all the time, couldn’t sleep, developed gall bladder problems, balance problems, kept falling, much more.   A few years back, I had read that a gluten free diet might relieve my symptoms – I tried it and it has!

Serendipity arrives on the scene! I have a new and interesting writing assignment, to write a 6,000 word mini e-book for someone else to publish.  Of course he will make much more money on it than I ever will, but it has opened up an entire new world of communication for me.  More interesting is all I am learning from researching the subject.

I have learned this week to distinguish between celiac disease and wheat allergies and non-celiac gluten sensitivity, which had all run together in my head until now. I had thought of it a a continuum, which it is not.  I have the last one NCGS, which has similar symptoms but a different mode of action in the gut, and which seems to be related to a whole host of other diagnoses which all go into partial remission when you adopt a gluten-free diet.  I learned about Leaky Gut syndrome, and how proteins from foods cross over onto the bloodstream causing systemic inflammation and pain. 

So, even though I had the proof in my own experience, I knew that a lot of people thought it was “all in my head.”  First the Fibromyalgia, which was diagnosed by 4 different doctors, finally became ‘real” to people, and now they are seeing how NCGS actually acts in the gut.

I am busy working against a deadline on the next chapter on NCGS, and don’t have much time to chat.


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