My Upcoming Book, Imagine Yourself Happy

Photo from Beautiful Pictures of Nature, Facebook
Photo from Beautiful Pictures of Nature, Facebook

I am writing a book on overcoming depression. As I write this, I am a 72 year old freelance writer, retired therapist and minister AND I have overcome deep depression myself.  I have long pondered whether my experiences could help someone else.  I have also long pondered if I had the courage to be honest about what it was like then…and now… and what happened to make such a difference.

I have finally decided “yes” on both counts, and I am at the beginning phase of organizing my BOOK “Imagine Yourself Happy.”  The link is to my new blog of the same name. 

I do  have one  major request of you.  I would love to have a conversation, over there..

About depression.  About recovery.

And, a question:  If I were writing this book especially for you, or for someone you know who suffers from depression, what would you most hope I didn’t leave out???




4 thoughts on “My Upcoming Book, Imagine Yourself Happy

  1. What a wonderful thing your doing! And I will be one of the first to purchase your book! I have a question, my ex husband is so deeply depressed and there woukd be days he was ‘normal’ then in the span of say, 2 hours he would be ‘sunk’ so deeply into a depressive episode I couldn’t reach him- so 1. Why does that happen on a seemingly good day & 2. Why can we not ‘reach’ you during those dark dark times?


  2. Tela, What a wonderful question. And I am so sorry your ex-husband was experiencing such darkness, and it must have been so hard to feel so helpless. What happened?

    When the darkness closed in, it’s like everything compressed down around me. Remember, the darkness is in large part biochemical and certainly seems outside of your control. I saw people reaching out to me, but I couldn’t FEEL them, or at least not beyond the moment. It’s like a dissociative state I guess I am thinking right now (new thought), because I always felt like I was driving through thick fog looking for the yellow line that would tell me I was still on the road. So confused. Lost. I noticed very little around me that wasn’t necessary for getting through the day, and much of that I wasn’t really present for, missed many details. In a way it’s like a tunnel system you move in and out of and when you are in the tunnel, even while you are pretending everything actually is OK, you are just playacting. The reality is the darkness. Sometimes it would be sadness, or loneliness, sometimes just floating, sometimes an aching despair. You think the depression has always been there, you can’t imagine a time when it would disappear, it’s always there to grab you back again. You can’t make choices because you see no options, just one foot in front of the other. Yikes, glad I don’t live there any more.

    What happened with you and he?

    Blessings to you dear Tela.


  3. About all the negative thoughts that never seem to stop sometimes. How no amount of love matters, a feeling of wanting or needing; trying to find something that doesn’t exist. Mentally lost in ones own mind.


    • Great descriptors, and thank you so much MelKay for heeding my request.

      …mentally lost in ones own mind (I liken it to being in a coma to try to explain it to friends and lovers of people who are deeply depressed.)


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