Quintet of Radiance: Five Ennobling Blog Awards

Wow, so humbled and appreciative to receive these awards when I have only been seriously working on this blog for a few months. I only hope I can live up to the qualities embodied in them. So many thanks to Tela for nominating me.  She is an awesome friend who writes awesome and informative content about the chaotic life of someone involved in a close relationship with a (male or female) sociopath.  She, thankfully, is looking backward on that relationship.

versatileblogger11While I hope to be influentialinfluential  and versatile, after all there are a lot of experiences to relate from a 72 year old life, and I hope to wABCrite awesome content, the ones that make me tear up a bit are for “Inner PeaceImage Image  and “Sunshine.”  They embody the reason I write, aside from finding out from my fingers what I think, that is.  I want to add to someone’s inner peace and sunshine, as I have been graced with both in my later years and struggled with deep depression and panic during many earlier years of my life.

There are rules…first, I am to write the ABC’s of me: “Write a word about yourself for every letter of the English alphabet.”  This is  HARD. Sometimes I cheated and wrote a few.

A – Avid reader

B – Balance is poor, have to walk with a cane.

C – Caring

D – Desert-lover, Depression

E – Empathetic

F –  Fibromyalgia

G – Gorgeous (this is new for me, I thought I was ugly and I was wrong.) Gardener and Grateful

H – Happy, Hopeful

I – Imaginative

J – Jealous

K – Kind

L – Loveable (That one’s an affirmation!), Loving

M – Modest

N – Natural

O – Open

P – Peace-loving,

Q – Quality

R – Recovery

S – Sonoran Desert

T – Thankful

U – Unstoppable

V – Vegetarian

W – Womanly

X – Xerophilous  🙂

Y – Youthful

Z – Zany

I nominate these following bloggers who speak to different aspects of my inner being.

The Mystical Path – Marc is a seeker of truth who shares his musings in many areas of life, especially meditation, mysticism and spirituality.  I share with him a teacher, Joel Goldsmith, whose writings resonated with me and facilitated my own spiritual growth and unfoldment.  I have just discovered his blog.

Despair to Deliverance –  Dr. Sharon is an insightful therapist who is documenting her own internal process as a human being trying to help someone with a severe mental illness, along with her patient Robin, who is now living a stable and fulfilling life. This is another blog I have just discovered, and am fascinated by.

Turkey Bone Heaven – A strong, articulate survivor of abuse, in 12 step recovery from substance abuse, writes compelling posts about what she has gone through and what she has learned on the path to recovery.

Radical Self-Love Project – Self-Love and spirituality.   These are really helpful posts for anyone who could use a little coaching on loving yourself better.  That includes anyone who breathes.

Writing Into The Light – This is a great blog by a seasoned blogger who shares delightful poetry and prose, chronicling her life experiences.  She has recently been told that her cancer is no longer in remission.  Go show her some love.

Here are the rules for this nomination.

1. Thank the person who gave you the nomination.

2. Write a word about yourself for every letter of the English alphabet

3. Nominate  other bloggers for this award.

4. Announce the nominations to the nominees

Many thanks again to dear Tela of Sociopathlife.com   for her support.  She keeps me motivated when I get a taste of the Blehs.


4 thoughts on “Quintet of Radiance: Five Ennobling Blog Awards

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  2. Congratulations and so very much deserving for you. I’m looking forward to reading your book in the near future, and can only imagine the beautiful, albeit some painful words you will have in it. ❤


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