My Ocean Awakening

It’s a lazy Saturday morning, and I’m feeling relaxed and happy.  Looking out at a sunny day, and a fun excursion later today. I get to see my OCEAN.  Well, OK, it’s your ocean too.  But it is a very personally spiritual place for me.  Each of us get to have our own ocean, I think.  A place to realize that all life has ebbs and tides and waves and to be in complete acceptance of being a tiny part of eternity.


The ocean is probably the most healing place on the planet for me. I feel completely connected to forever.

I can just enjoy breathing and smelling and listening and watching and feeling the breeze and the water… and the sand under my toes…completely in the NOW moment.   Of course, I do come from a seafaring family.

I love our Sonoran desert too, it has its own timeless beauty and plenty of beautiful mountains, gorgeous sunsets, plenty of wildlife, dramatic torrential thunderstorms, and big dark starry skies, but the ocean is HOME and I can’t wait to see be there later.

It was at the ocean that I came awake.  waking up

It was at the ocean that I first truly accepted that there had to be a forever “something” beyond me, a Higher Power of some sort, a Higher Order perhaps, and that I was part of this Higher Order.  I came to understand at the ocean that the experiences I always had there were part of my spiritual life and that I didn’t have to be religious in order to have a rich spiritual life.  I was in Al-Anon at the time, a twelve step program for families of alcoholics, but was having trouble getting on board because I was an avowed atheist after rejecting the lessons and stories and shaming of traditional religion.

What’s funny is that I then realized I had always had a rich spiritual life, plenty of experiences of oneness with nature and even other people, I just didn’t have language to attach it to, yikes, “GOD.”  I have always had a rich inner life, but when I tried religion, it just didn’t connect with that inner joy.

So I called the Ocean my Higher Power for years, just to remind myself where HOME could be located.  I have photographs and paintings of the oceans all around my office, even one I painted myself I feel quite happy about.  And my parents, who did not know they were spiritual either, had their ashes spread in the ocean outside the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, having spent many a spare weekend out there on their boat, fishing.

So, today I go to greet the ocean, where all life on this planet originated, and pay my respects to my HP.  And yes, I will undoubtedly do my breathing and smiling meditation there as I am enfolded by the salty ocean breezes.    Yippie!






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