Zero to Hero Post Why am I Blogging?

First, I should mention I am on vacation, traveling, and have very spotty internet, so haven’t been able to keep up.vacation   Besides…vacation.


But I liked the questions YESTERDAY (I think)clarifying my thinking about why I blog and for whom, so….  I did the exercise.




  1. This blog is about...running whatever I am thinking about through an open heart, to bring greater love, peace, health and joy into my life and the life of others.
  2. It’s the only blog that…shares my personal, professional and spiritual insights on my journey home. I’m no one special, but I dare to think I have gathered some wisdom in my 72 years.
  3. I post when…I have time, usually two or three times a week.  I am a freelance writer and busy also with life.  I also have another blog, , focused on recovery from deep depression.
  4. I try to interest the new or casual reader with…plenty of white space, images, subheadings – and I am working on better post titles.

Wish I had a little more time to devote, but these are great challenges.

Thanks for visiting.and...What say you?

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