Zero to Hero – Making New WP Friends

Today’s Assignment ( think.  I am still traveling):  Meet My Neighbors:  A blog is just a diary unless there’s a community — start building yours. friendsclipart

I have been most fortunate to already meet many wonderful bloggers.  But today I found and commented on 3 new blogs I found through tags on Reader.  a professional therapist shared insights on interpersonal communication  a blogger describes the challenges of living on an allergy-free diet and wishing for takeout.

Check them out; give them some love.   a blogger hangs out with homeless people in Madison WI, and shares insights about how much friendlier they were than the ruch white yuppies with their ears glued to theor smartphones (and who, incidentally, let them down when they got bored with OCCUPY.)

All together a profitable time online.  So much to read, so little time.  What a fabulous community this is!


5 thoughts on “Zero to Hero – Making New WP Friends

  1. Making new friends on WordPress…..I clicked your link on Blogging 101. Not only did I find your page (that I believe I will enjoy following) I also found (through you) Myke Johnson….both of you are inspirational!


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