Mental Health Stigma and Should I Consider a Nom de Plume??

nomdoplume>Nom de Plume?  Or my real name?? It’s a serious question, and I would love to hear from anyone who has an opinion.

I have been thinking about this for a couple of weeks, as I am writing my book on overcoming deep depression.  Assuming it is a success, I have kids and grandkids, a sister and  a brother, nieces and nephews, and my family name is unusual, so they would easily be identified as part of my family. I am not sure I feel comfortable with their friends asking if that crazy lady who wrote that book is related to them.  I am also not comfortable sharing the full story of my inner struggles with depression with them.

It seems egotistical in a way to worry what would happen if the book actually was a success, but why write it if I didn’t think it would help many people?  I know my voice is unique, as both an experienced therapist and a person who was suicidal for years.  I want to write the book I had needed to read then, in the hopes it can be a lifeline for someone else.

My father’s name was Frank, and I am thinking about

Annie Franklin.   I could also use Gerry Franklin and keep my first name.

Can’t find an author by that name on Amazon, and Google only turns up that name as a nurse practitioner on Cheyenne WY, so it seems like a safe bet.  Does it have a ring to it?   I would love to be a “Lisa,” but there is an author named Lisa Franklin who has written about trauma and the brain – too close.  What are cool nicknames from Elizabeth?

I am considering doing a mental health column and I should use whatever name I’m going to write under for mental health issues from the start, so I should decide .

My proposal for a syndicated column (I would retain the copyright) has not yet been accepted, BTW, and so I also need some ideas where to shop the column…..

So, what say you?

I think I am rambling.   Hope you are all well.  I have a lot of reading and zero to hero assignments to catch up with….

7 thoughts on “Mental Health Stigma and Should I Consider a Nom de Plume??

  1. So in this post I think you were trying to ask if you should write a book about depression, I think that is an AMAZING idea and you should write it soon! There are so many people out there that want to know about depression and listen to your thoughts and opinions! I think it’s wonderful!! I used to be depressed too and I still don’t even know why so maybe your book could help me! Btw I just started my blog and was wondering if you could give me some pointers and check it out! Thanks


    • Thanks for stopping by. I am already working on the book and wondering if I should use a pseudonym. Glad to hear you think there may be readers. Maybe I should be working on making myself understood though, lol.

      I can see you have a brand new blog. Congratulations and welcome to the WP community. Kudos to you for going visiting already and making friends. Let me suggest you write a post tomorrow about one of the topics that interest you. Imagine you were describing the topic as you would paint a still-life. The post you have on now can go to your “about me: for now…you will change it later. Good luck and happy blogging.


  2. I have a dream that mental illness weren’t so stigmatized, a person with an unusual last name wouldn’t have to worry about bringing attention to their family. On the other hand, who would know you’re using a pseudonym (other than you and your family)? Does using a different name change your story?


    • Thanks, April, for the insight. Actually I might be freer with my story using another name. I also dream of the day when the stigma disappears. Because it’s an invisible illness and it affects our behavior, people see it as a character defect.


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