What Do You Think Of This As A Monthly Feature?

Someone challenged me today in their post to describe why I blog.  I have blogged for a long time, mostly on community blogs, and  although I have posts here from years back, I have only seriously, regularly blogged on WP for a few months in my own voice.  But I love it here because of the community we have – a whole lot of WRITERS sharing thoughts, poems, photos, writing tips, health tips, meditations. I love the support that is given, and I see that mostly people want to make whatever they are going through count for someone else’s learning besides just their own.  It’s beautiful.

openheartedbloggeraward_n.jpgI thought maybe the FEATURE could build community right here.  Here’s what I am thinking.

Each month, I could select a POST from amongst my followers that I particularly loved for its honesty, its givingness, its insight into our human condition, its soulful descriptions, whatever touched my heart.

There is a “community” in the sidebar, though I don’t think WP includes every follower.  You could also visit another follower’s blog.  Then you  all could also nominate POSTS you loved.  Of course, when you nominate someone’s POST, others might be encouraged to visit your blog – because we learn a little about you from why you say their post touched your heart.

I could include all nominations in the following week’s award feature.

There would be nothing the recipient would need to do except to agree to nominate at least one other blogger for a post that touched them and send the nomination in to me in a comment to the most recent awards.

Pretty soon if everyone played, we would all have an eye-popping assortment of excellent POSTS to read that day, and other bloggers to become connected with.  We’d have our very own Freshly Pressed.

And, if this idea doesn’t appeal to you, I could feature one of my meditations once a week.  Let me know if you’d like that better.

For some reason, very few of you make comments, and I so wish you would.  Of course I would like the FEATURE to be something you would look forward to.  So, I have included this handy poll hoping you will state your preference.

Thanks for playing in this sandbox,



5 thoughts on “What Do You Think Of This As A Monthly Feature?

  1. I really like your idea of the “Open Hearted Blogger Award”. I think it is a great idea. I am sorry if I don’t comment more than I do. Some days I just have so many emails that I want to read and I want to let the writer know I read it, but don’t have time to comment so I just hit “Like”. This is a habit I hope to get out of once I get my school work done.


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