Suffering Is Optional

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For many years, not only did I not believe that, I even actually became angry when someone suggested it.  If they insisted, I would scream, But HOW?  I AM IN SUCH PAIN!” (because he/she/it is hurting me, and THEY should not be.)

froginflower_999,999,999peopleLet me share my morning thoughts with you.  (photo from “999,999,999 people” on facebook)

The other day my grandson (early twenties) was in desperate tears on the phone, needing to vent over a very difficult situation with his young wife.  After lots of comforting and “I’m right here,” I shared what I thought he might do that could help, and he said, “but you are so much more strong-minded than I am, grandma.  I can’t (put my feelings aside and do something constructive).”

Yes, he can.  And you can too.  I wasn’t born this way.  I had to go through the pits of hell to get here…

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