Weekly FEATURE? Please Tell Me In Comments

A Zero to Hero Blogging 101 Challenge is to start a weekly feature people can look forward to.  This should also help to build community I think, so I would like it to be something people would participate in – like the recipe blogs have Meatless Mondays and such.

On my personal facebook page I find a photo of a beautiful creature each and every day to share with my friends and family out of respect and love for the creatures we share this earth with.  It is also a spiritual practice to find beauty every morning. But on my blogs I hadn’t considered a feature.  

So, although I am a fairly new “regular” blogger, I thought I would ask.

Dear Readers,

Would you like a regular feature?

What would you enjoy?

Would you help build community? 

What would you participate in?

What would feel meaningful to you?


I do look forward to some comments




6 thoughts on “Weekly FEATURE? Please Tell Me In Comments

  1. I am thinking maybe a featured blog from one of our amazing followers, maybe an OPEN-HEARTED BLOGGER award?

    Our little tribe is growing every day, thank you all!. I know I was so honored to know someone cared enough about my work to nominate me for awards and encourage my blogging here. (Tela, you rock!) And we do need to visit each other, we all grow from that.

    What are your thoughts, bloggers?


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