Friday: First Open Hearted Post Award

Hi Everyone, OK, I’m ready if you are. One of the best things about WP is the community-building that we do.     My goal is to meet people heart to heart, and so, as my weekly FEATURE, I would like to recognize and promote POSTS that touch my heart.  Why  recognize posts and not bloggers?  We blog for many reasons, and most of us have varied interests, many of us post on several topics, so someone may miss the gem you have found by just visiting the blog.

I will put my award for this week and every week in the COMMENTS.  You can post your nominations there as well.  See rules below.

openheartedpostrawardAn open-hearted post speaks to your heart.

  • It is uplifting.
  • Perhaps it gives you hope.
  • Perhaps it inspires you.
  • Perhaps it speaks to you in the way that you don’t feel alone any more.
  • Perhaps it makes you throw back your head and roar with appreciative laughter at our human condition.
  • Perhaps you shed tears of recognition or release.


When you receive the award, there are no rules, no cumbersome tasks to do – just keep writing the great posts you have been.

I would ask that you find one other person who writes a post that touches your heart, and tell them – and us – what touched you.  After you notify your blogger friend, please put your nomination in the comments section after this “sticky”post.  (I do hope I can figure out how to do that.)  This way, we all have a list of beautiful posts to come back to whenever we need a lift.  You might want to give special attention to bloggers who are not established authors.

And, come back to this page and lift the award to go in your sidebar along with the url of the post that you got the award for.

I will put my award for the week in the comments, and any one of my followers is welcome to nominate a post that moves them in the same way.  This way we build community and support each other around great writing that touches the heart.



2 thoughts on “Friday: First Open Hearted Post Award

  1. My nominee for the first award is Madd Mayhem, a high school student with excellent skills, whose words are as full of passion as her life is full of both pain and possibility. She writes because it gives her a freedom of self-expression not available many other places.

    Warning – sometimes her posts contain TRIGGERS and are not for every reader. This particular post that I am nominating for the award is a piece called, “Stay Strong.”

    In it, she addresses the issues of self harm and thoughts of suicide – and support for NOT self-harming. She encourages everyone to be their own hero, and to stand back up after every setback.

    “We have to stand together. ”

    “Scars remind us of what we have been through, and that we were strong enough to overcome it. ”

    “You are worth it. You are worth everything in this world. You are worth life. ”

    “Congratulations. I’m proud of you. If you’ve considered suicide and you’re reading this, you’ve fought through those dark moments.”

    And much more… Madd is passionate, and she doesn’t often take a breath here as she is pouring out her heart, but it’s as though she were in the room with you. Great work, Madd. You have a LOT of talent as a writer. Keep writing. And Stay Strong!

    And congratulations to receive the FIRST Open-Hearted Post award. You can pirate the image from my page and put it in your sidebar if you choose, or start a new PAGE for awards; I promise you will see many more.



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