First Chair Exercise Day

The “Learning to Love Yourself” post on the other blog is still a slog.  I have to write it and leave it and come back another day.  Too hard revisiting stuff, making it make sense to myself.

GerryChairExercisesBut, speaking of loving myself, I am much too sedentary and I am working on improving my physical health as part of loving myself.  Last year I changed my diet (vegetarian and gluten-free)  and lost a lot of weight, now it’s time for the other major hurdle to be overcome for me to live to a ripe old age.

I am 72, have fibromyalgia and arthritis and very poor balance.   I am afraid to go for a walk alone lest I fall.  I live out in the country, where I love to hear the birds and see the mountains, don’t drive because of poor eyesight – I see way too many of things even with glasses.  So, will be my own trainer.

Spending time with my friend Google,  I have designed a set of exercises I can do seated in a chair here at home or holding onto one for balance.   So, I shall get up now and try them out.  I don’t know why I am resisting them.  Wish me luck.

Later….  Did IT!  Yeah Me!   Had to after  told you I would, lol. I’m back after 1/2 hour of exercise!  10 minutes of gentle yoga chair stretches, 15 minutes of trying various exercises, 5 minutes walking it slowly out around the house.  I am in worse shape than I thought.  Starting not a minute too soon, I think if I plan to live to 100.  Good thing we see the chiropractor today though.

No one will accuse me of being a fine artist. Hard to draw using a paintbrush and a mouse, and t it was an experiment.  But look, ma, no hands!

Looking for an image to simulate, though, I found something VERY important.  If I lift my arms up into the air as shown,

I have MUCH better back support when working my lower body.


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