Writing 101 – Day 2 – A Place to be Transported To

Assignment; If you could zoom through space in the speed of light, what place would you go to right now? Today, choose a place to which you’d like to be transported if you could — and tell us the backstory. How does this specific location affect you? Is it somewhere you’ve been, luring you with the power of nostalgia, or a place you’re aching to explore for the first time?

The Oregon Coast is an amazing collection of black rock formations out in the tides, and sand beaches, green parks and nature preserves.

2017150068As I wake up in the campground at Cape Perpetua, near Yachats, I am transported to a magical place outside of ordinary time that provides a feast for all the senses.  Somehow, anything that is not of the forest, of the stream, of the ocean, the tides, the mist, the wind, of the squirrels and gulls and the just plain LIFE of Perpertua, ceases to exist.

My eyes open to a canopy of green leaves of many sizes and colors overhead, all moving and singing in the morning breeze.  Tall deep-green pines, spruce and hemlocks tower over a plethora of small bright green aspen leaves creating a shimmering roof overhead. Emerald grasses, wild blueberry bushes for the picking, jade ferns and long brown-green mosses hanging down from the trees in the moist salt air fill in the underbrush.   Everything is so fresh, you  SMELL the green in the air mixed with the fragrance of the sea and smoke from a few scattered early morning campfires.  It’s quiet in the campground; there is a sense of the Sacred here today.

GREEN!  Photo Credit: Lauren Braden

GREEN! Photo Credit: Lauren Braden

It is at Cape Perpetua I find deepest peace, acceptance of the seasons of life and all the roles we all play in it. Here is the most spiritual place on the planet for me.  Here the tall roaring Devil’s Churn spout spews spray high in the air.  Steep slopes from the highway down to the waves provide a cover of small reddish bushes to lie in and dream.  Sharp rocky shoreline outcroppings and tidepools allow me to feel the spray on on face as I dare the tides closer. High rocky bench overlooks provide pews for the presence of Eternity.   I know I am part of what is, what was, and what will be, a small speck in the sands of time…and a deep peace bubbles up from the wells of my soul.

Cape Perpetua Oregon is where I find Home tonight.


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