Writing 101 – Day 5 – The Letter

The challenge for today is that I found a letter somewhere and it moved me so deeply when I read it that I  wanted it to have reached its intended recipient.  The TWIST?  Keep it short!

“Dearest Timmy,

Mommy and daddy mss you so much.

We miss your laughter in the afternoon on the swings.

We miss your hugs and kisses in the morning.

We miss watching your eyes close when you’re trying to keep them open for your story.

We miss looking into your room at night and seeing you sleeping, snug in your fireman pj’s.

We miss having our real live boy in our arms – YOU!

You’re going to have a little sister soon and we will tell her all about you.

We think then she will miss you too.

We remember you every day and always will.

We Love You So Much,

Mommy and Daddy

in a bottle washed up on the beach







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