The COURAGE to be Sexy

sexysilhouette_publicdomainAfter the Santa Barbara shootings, and the #yesallwomen twitter movement that exploded afterward, I was inspired to write this article.  It was published at SlimShortCut, which focuses on women’s health and wellbeing.   by Gerry Straatemeier (ME!)

You can read the entire article for yourself (I hope you do) but I want to share just the intro with you:

Even in 2014, even in these United States, any woman who lays proud, open, sassy, FULL claim to her sexuality opens herself to the danger of violation by others. The dangers are of physical, sexual, psychological, social and emotional assault. Some may say that’s too strong a statement, in fact my sweetie of 20 years just did, but I think not.

 Travel with me a moment. Imagine you have a beautiful 13 year old daughter, Ruby, just coming into her womanhood. Her menses started a year or two ago, but now finally she has the breasts she has waited so long for, and hips, and the cutest high, tight butt! She just naturally wants to strut her stuff. She walks differently, she moves her hips differently, she is lit up with the blossoming, glorious sensual joy you hopefully want her to experience in her body.

“But not yet, oh God, please, not yet,” you scream inside.

 Just try to tell me you don’t want to protect her!

I have one more (paid, yeah!) assignment due today, but I hope I will have time to do today’s Writing 101 challenge on changing points of view in a story.  I can’t wait.





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