Dear Annie, 7/22/14

New post today on the other blog. What do you think of the advice format for addressing vexing issues?? I am toying with the idea of an Annie ebook following my chapter headings.


Young-Woman-3-4-pose-Paolo-Neosm_free public domain imageDear Annie,

I am 25 years old and I have only ever had one real boyfriend, 2 years ago.  That relationship lasted 6 months. It was very tender and beautiful. We both knew, I think, that the innocence and intensity of our feelings, both of our first explorations into adult love, couldn’t morph into a permanent relationship, a marriage.  We didn’t like the same things, we didn’t really have anything to talk about, we just liked the amazing feelings we had we had as we explored each other’s bodies and experienced our own.  When I thought I might be pregnant (I was not, thank God), I got really scared and broke it off.  I was embarrassed at the closeness we had shared when I realized I could never actually love him.

The thing is, now as I meet other men, I compare them to Roy, and none of them have…

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