First post in new blog is on depression…√ it out!

Good morning everyone,

I would like to introduce you to my new self-hosted blog,, and my first post, Don’t Let The DRAGON Eat You!It’s about depression and I would love it if you ran over to read it, maybe left me a comment or a smile to let me know you visited?

It won’t appear in your Reader over here I just discovered to my true dismay.  I don’t know yet how bloggers will find it, but I know that some self-hosted blogs do appear in my reader.  If anyone knows how to make that happen, I’d love to know.

I will eventually ask WordPress to direct my followers over there, but not everything is ready yet – but you could subscribe over there if you want to receive those posts.

I have been busy writing for other people, I have sold over 50 pieces so far, and I need to continue that, but I am about to get serious about my own writing, to which I hold the copyright, which is why the self-hosted blog. Hope you are all well and happy this morning, and I’d love to hear from you as always.

Hugs, Gerry

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