Twelve-Thirteen-Fourteen – Tell Someone(s) You Love Them

colrfulglassheart_newworldHave you ever seen a headline about human suffering and felt helpless as you asked yourself, “What can I do?”

The enormity of the pain of war and disease and earthquakes and hunger and the astounding cruelty of some humans to others seems too big for one person to affect.

And there is an idea left over from some dark time that some lives just don’t count, and that it is OK to hate the people “like that.”  Some of us may even have been the “people like that” at one time or another in our lives.

The level of need and hate seems too big for one person to even make a tiny dent, although every kindness makes a difference to THAT person and to you…and, I believe, increases the supply of Love in the global human consciousness, no small thing.  I love to read stories of human kindness and goodness and spread them to amplify that effect.

Marianne Williamson shared a letter on Facebook recently from a fellow named Coley Campany who had visited New York City and spoken with a Syrian taxi driver about the situation in his country. The driver could only wring his hands in agitation and say, “What can we do?” over and over.

Coley had been studying the powerful effect a Dr. Emoto had showed on water crystals, in “What The Bleep Do We Know”.  Dr. Emoto had proven that our feelings and intentions have a powerful effect on physical reality. He actually  focused different feelings/intentions through written and spoken words and music to the same water samples.   Then he photographed the dramatic effect on water crystals as they changed their physical appearance depending on what was communicated.  This link takes you to his website.

candleKeeping in mind we are all made of mostly water, the question Coley asked is, “What If we could affect our own and other people’s physical reality by focusing Love on them?”

Here is Coley’s idea for12-13-14.  I like it.  It is similar to many other days of global concentration of waves of Love and Peace, but different only in its request for specificity.  He requests we express our love to SPECIFIC PEOPLE, whether we know them or not.

He asks that on 12-13-14 everyone in the world (big dream) say silently or aloud the words “I LOVE YOU” to someone they know or don’t know. It could be a mother, brother, child or friend. Or it could be a child in Africa you’ve never met, a refugee, a person that is fighting on the opposite side you are on. I say especially someone who is fighting on the opposite side you are on, even in a family squabble. It could be yourself. I say, ALSO yourself.  Shower yourself and the person(s) you select with Love.  Capital L Love.

You can paint it, read it, plant it, write it, type it, play it, dance it, build it, give it, receive it.  You can join with others or simply make it your own spiritual practice for that day. His vision included world leaders, spiritual leaders, those with impactful platforms, teenagers, moms, dads, everyone. People can hold concerts, yoga classes, plays, televised events, meditation or prayer circles, sports games. These amplify the message and draw in people who otherwise might not participate. Whatever and however.  NO money is to be made. There is no intended outcome other than” For a holy moment in Love what could we do together?”

So, “I’m in.

By sharing Coley’s idea with you, I am asking you to be “in” too, both on 12/13/14 and in spreading the message to others to help him to succeed.

Of course, you don’t have to wait until December to add this to your daily spiritual practice.  🙂

“What if” Coley’s letter to Marianne just resulted in 100 people reconciling their family differences and forgiving each other.  The effect could be MUCH larger than that.  But if only that, would your effort to participate and to spread the word be worth it?

To that I say “YES,” and “I Love YOU.”  Yes, YOU!!


5 thoughts on “Twelve-Thirteen-Fourteen – Tell Someone(s) You Love Them

  1. Hello! I am Coley Campany. I just came across this and I am so incredibly grateful and excited to and grateful 🙂 to you for sharing and spreading the 12-13-14 I Love You Day Project. I would just like to pass along our website which is updated with video and beautiful images of others sharing their love. We also have a Facebook group that we would love to share and invite all to join in. We are posting beautiful messages of love only and we will soon be including interactive but simple ways to invite, grow and extend love. Thank you again for this-it means so much!!!


  2. Reblogged this on Open Hearted Musings and commented:

    “Praying it forward,” I am re-posting this because 12/13/14 is a month away and I really want to “amplify the effect” on the world of all of us telling specific people we love them. This day is planned based on the work of Dr. Emoto of sending emotions and intentions into water… I’m in. Should I host a 12/13/14 blogathon? Everyone can posts links to their 12/13/14 content to further amplify the effect. What do you think? Would you post??? hugs, gerry


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