Musings On Global Day of Oneness

Our Calling – As human beings, we enjoy a grace, a gift of conscious knowing beyond our instincts, beyond our physical senses. We can entertain ideas, we see things unseen and bring them into being.  We enjoy a freedom of CHOICE not given to other species as far as we know. Because of our expanded consciousness, we are graced with the ability to step between event and reaction with deliberation, with an open heart, with faith, with intention to BE the beneficial presence dictated by our Divine gifts – to heal, to bring peace and comfort to others as the rays of the sun bring warmth and the waves of the ocean bring moisture – so life can go on

Today, September 21st, is the Global Day of Oneness and we are all called upon to Choose to send deep Love to all other beings, even those who offend against us, perhaps especially those, for it is not ours to judge, it is only ours to love.

God is Love. I am of the Nature of God. Thus I am Love.  Since God’s Grace rains upon the Just and the Unjust.  I must not judge.

I vibrate to my highest calling of Love and pump it up to send it consciously around the planet today. Let those who grieve be comforted. Let those who are wounded in mind, body or spirit be healed. Let all those who hunger be fed, and all refugees find shelter and a way to earn a living. Let those who hate soften their fearful hearts and come home to the truth of their being. Let my Love call all humanity home to a vision of peace and plenty NOW in a world that works for everyone.


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