One World

LOVE_lantanaOHMAs we watch the people of the world hate, deride, deceive, bomb, beat and enslave each other over egotistic disputes involving territory, ideology, greed and grandiosity, it is good to just remember that we are One World, each soul equal before the Divine Love enfolding us all.

“When I was a child, my father would point to pictures in an atlas — the ones that show the globe without delineating countries — and say, “See, kids: God didn’t draw lines between us.” Marianne Williamson

Let us join together to raise the level of consciousness of all of humanity.  We are each a thread in the fabric of life and we each affect the whole – and yes, we do have a choice as to how we show up.  As we find each other, let us focus on adding more threads of Light and Love to the fabric of our present day world, rather than combatting or focusing on the darker levels of consciousness.  It’s the only thing that can save us and our planet.


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