NEW PAGES – But How to TAG them?

Well, today I have been very busy.  With renewed commitment to Open Hearted Musings in all its forms, I have been busy expanding this site.  And I wonder, will anyone ever see my new pages since I can’t tag them to show up in the Reader?

I’m thinking to add individual PAGES to handle specialized parts of what I have to share… it seems to make more sense than another blog.  I already started Imagine Yourself Happy for my musings preparing for my book by that name.  And I started a self-hosted “Open Hearted Musings,” for eventual monetization when I figure all that out – I haven’t a clue how people do that – on which I should only post the best of what I’ve done.  And I bought the domain “Dear Annie,” because I always wanted to write an advice column but no one wants to pay me to do so, lol -YET – and I can try my hand at a little fiction there too with the asks.

Do I have ADD?  I think SO.

I have added a page here for some of my meditations, with  the way I universally prepare for all meditations, a summary of my spiritual philosophy – and it has a pulldown menu for single meditation pages (here’s one). I added a page for my spiritual “art, called Full Color Musings.”  As I look at it, it’s clear I’ll have to divide that by months or something. I have been making them for the facebook version of OpenHearted Musings and doing the artwork to amplify the spiritual message I resonate to that day is its own kind of meditation.  It keeps me grounded to be in non-word space.  I go on a virtual photography safari every morning as part of my spiritual practice.

I have a hard time pulling it all together, and so it’s hard to define my purpose is for this page, but whatever it is, it has to be to share my truth…whether it be an insight, a story, a struggle, an interest, a joy, to tell you about something new or to delve into a painful past…I am a complex being and so are you, and I want to have this be a place where it can ALL live together in peace.  But I may be dreaming.  maybe this is why people write more than one book…

Sigh.  The big problem I have with pages is that they don’t allow TAGS, so this may not turn out to be the solution after all.  How on earth does anyone find the pages?  Any suggestions?


2 thoughts on “NEW PAGES – But How to TAG them?

  1. Hello Gerry~
    On your menu you create your ‘Page’, then when you write a particular post it asks you which “Parent” that means the page it will fall under. I hope that makes sense. It’s wonderful to see a post from you. Yes, we are all very complex beings. With that being said when you write your feelings, your meditations, life lessons, someone can gain knowledge, or say ‘yep! i can relate’, or ‘that meditation was what I needed today”. Hugs!! ❤


    • Oh, the meditation. You liked the meditation! I am so pleased. I have been hesitant to share them for fear of putting people off. You know, “Bah Humbug God.”
      So I am so glad you found it. The question I was asking in the post is a broader one. How will anyone find the meditations who is not looking for them, since I can’t tag them and they won’t show up anywhere when people query, for instance, “meditation.” I did place it under the parent “Open Hearted Meditations.” That works if you are on my site, but not if you are a stranger out in cyberspace hoping to find something like it. Hugs back.


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