NaBloPoMo – Newbie

Grandma Gerry

Grandma Gerry

Hi everyone.  Hadn’t actually heard of it until today, but this challenge is for bloggers like us, who aren’t ready to be, or aren’t interested in, writing a book.  Your only commitment is to post every day in November to your own blog. Sounds easy, right?  NoBloPoMo   (National Blog Posting Month)

Well, I signed up and hope some of you will or have already join the challenge too.  It’s a chance to meet other bloggers, not all on WP (though this WP community definitely rocks ).  Having signed up, Open Hearted Musings should show up on their blog roll. It’s hosted by BlogHer but I don’t see any rules that say you have to be a woman to participate.

I tagged this post with NaNoProMo.  If you sign up too, would you use the tag, so we can find each other?

Upgrading this site, so you’ll see posts about the process.  If you have feedback or hints I would be most grateful to hear them.  

I have half a dozen or so freelance assignments to complete but other than that I’m working on upgrading my site right now, and I have committed to myself to go through the Writing 201 posts. Even though I first missed the signup, then got sick and now it’s already finished for now, there’s some great info and right now is when I need it.

Many thanks to Karuna of Living, Learning and Letting Go for really helping me with my upgrade.  She walked me through how to set up a custom menu using categories that now show up at the top of the page!!   Se even sent me a screenshot by email.  That’s what I call fabulous support.  So, go check out her lovely blog as a favor to me.  Now for the hard work of changing all those categories on all these posts.

Next up?  Am frustrated on my “full color” posts that start with a graphic I made.  i can’t get the scroll to all look the same as to format. I suspect it will wind up having to do with all the pictures being the same size.

I did decide to keep one “page” heading for the meditations.  I thought they would be better not on a continuous scroll.


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