#Go Vote!

imagesIt’s Election Eve and I urge you to Vote!

Short and sweet.  VOTE!  Why would you leave the rules you have to live by to someone else to decide?  If you have not voted yet, tomorrow is the deadline for you to make a difference.

#Go Vote, and make sure to remind your friends and family to do likewise! Remember, only the people who show up to vote decide who makes the rules- not the big money folks, no matter how much they spend.  Vote the entire ballot, not just national races.  It’s important.

The biggest threat to our freedom and democracy that I can see is that SO few of us actually go to vote that a small number of zealots, whatever their agenda, are over-represented in governing us. Ferguson, MO was probably the latest most visible example of what happens when people leave it to all the other people to select who will make and enforce the rules you live under, and the judges who will decide what’s fair and not fair.

Election day is here, although many of us have already voted either in person or by mail (I did that), tomorrow the votes will be counted, and I want YOURS to be AMONG THEM.

Myself, I am thrilled that all the deceptive and vitriolic ads will finally stop, the hourly pleas for money similarly will stop flooding my inbox. But the thing about those ads is that they rarely address the actual issues that will matter when everyone is sworn in, whichever way it is decided.  And decisions about education, pollution, contraception and many other issues are actually made at the state level – I have to admit that I was in my 60’s before I understood that i needed to pay attention to the down-ballot races – even school board races are important.

So, I am happy it will finally be over, but let me please join the chorus of voices urging you to go to the polls and vote.


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