PHOTO 101 #2 – Street

dirtroadFor this assignment, which included making sure there was a foreground focus, I decided to take all everything out of the picture except the road itself, letting the packed down dirt,the dry grasses, the pebbles and the ruts from recent rain tell their own story.  I took it right at a turn, hoping the curve of the street and the shadow of the bush would take your eye into the photo.

Oh, did I mention we live in the desert? Yes, this IS an establishing shot, I think.   When I first moved here, it was a 30 minute trip by car to the nearest grocery store. That’s changed, but with it some of the rural beauty I love, as some parts of our little town got built up, much as we resisted it.

I think the dry desert has its own beauty, but it is an acquired taste I am told.  To the right of the photo, had I shown it, is Oreo’s corral.  Oreo is the neighbor’s pinto horse. To the left is a field we left in plain, un-“improved” desert habitat..cholla and yucca and prickly pear and grasses and dirt – and plenty of smallish mesquite trees. We are at about 3400 feet here, we have a nice breeze most days and it’s cooler than the cities.

I should mention I am using my i-phone camera.


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