Photo101 #3 Water

StatueofLibertyJPGHad eye surgery today and am very blurry, slept most of the day.  Couldn’t really go out and  take a picture.  But I committed both a post a day and a photo a day, so I selected this picture from a few years ago to represent water…as what connects us all around the world.  It is no accident that the Lady looks out over the water – immigrants to this country generally traveled over water to reach our shores.  Water supports me when I swim, as I love to do, and supports ships…and many more species of life than we could even imagine; more beings discovered as we are able to reach places we could not reach before. When I was 7 or 8, after WWII, I took a steamship with my family and moved to Holland, and we took another 3 trips back and forth across the ocean, so and the ocean is in my blood.
Please pardon my brevity; I didn’t say much but at least I said something.


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