What Is The Seed That Is Ready To Grow In Me? Meditation: 11/9/14

sprouting-seedBegin each meditation with deep breathing, sending oxygen and spiritual nourishment to each cell and organ and process of the body as you inhale, releasing all you no longer need as you exhale.…Then, always, I ask you to gently smile. This smile reminds you to keep your heart and mind open… and receptive to…Spirit.

“I am surrounded by, immersed in, and there is flowing through me and as me, a Conscious, Loving, Creative Energy… Which is Whole, Complete and Perfect in Itself…from which everything flows.

I open to this Divine Flow of Love and Power…I smilingly welcome Its influx. I let it Fill me, Comfort me, bring me Peace. I let It  Guide me.

God is Omniscient, that is, conscious of Itself as Love and Peace and Beauty and Power and Abundant Life, all the while It finds expression in, as and through ME.

Everything everywhere that ever was, was once a seed in consciousness – a seed in Divine, Creative Consciousness… ever expressing… ever evolving….

This Loving Consciousness is Omnipotent, all Powerful, meaning that nothing is impossible. What joy and comfort to know that as seeds of possibility are sown in me, God’s Love and Power and Bounty provide everything the Divine seed needs to grow in me and through me, as I am willing.

And This Loving Consciousness is Omnipresent, meaning there is no spot in time/space or beyond where God is not – no exceptions. Therefore I…am One with Spirit.  Actually, I am a holographic one OF Spirit. The Whole of God is everywhere, every-when perfectly present, in every part.   In me!

One with the Divine, open and receptive, smiling gently to keep my heart and my mind open…receptive to Guidance… I imagine myself in a lush, fertile sunny location. I walk slowly 27366859-young-man-sleeping-in-a-meadow-on-a-sunny-dayalong, enjoying the sounds and smells and sights through all my senses. Sunshine, a gentle breeze, a rippling stream, birds calling, trees casting shade, vivid, fragrant wildflowers…

I lie down and relax in a comfy, sunny spot, and there I simply rest in God…smiling, breathing,heart wide open, fully and completely LOVING this moment!

I run my fingers through the warm soil and I find my senses moving deep, noticing much that lies below ordinary awareness, working together in the fertile soil…to nourish each seed.

I am fully, completely, joyfully open to God Consciousness, Good Consciousness, Divine Inspiration – renewing my Mind and expressing in, as and through me as I rest here.

I know this soil is the soil of my consciousness, in which the Divine has planted Seeds of Possibility, and the life beneath the soil is all that has been provided to gently bring those seeds to life.

I feel the call of something that Life is trying to grow and live – distribute – through me.

I ask, ” What is seeking to come to life through me?  What is the next step in my spiritual unfoldment and transformation?  WHAT IS my purpose here – now?  There are so many seeds, which seed are YOU wanting me to grow?”

I do think I know, though it seems too big, and I have been afraid of failure. Of embarrassment. But Lack and Limitation have no place in God, and In this moment, I trust, I accept that since the seed is of God, of Love, I already have every skill and resource to bring it to expression – or I will grow or receive them.

And as we move into a time of silent reflection, I am give thanks for this guidance – and I find I am perhaps even agreeing to accept, the Call to grow…”   hugs, gerry

This meditation was given by me at the Center for New Thought Spirituality in Tucson AZ on November 9, 2014

One thought on “What Is The Seed That Is Ready To Grow In Me? Meditation: 11/9/14

  1. “Receptive To Guidance” …YES! I am going to re-read this again tonight. Today however, I am going to look within and try and find where I lack in the receptive to guidance, because sometimes I just get so frustrated 😦 Love this post! ❤


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